Kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship

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kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship

Ayano Kannagi is the main female protagonist of the series. She is also the second cousin of Kazuma Yagami and Ren Kannagi, as well as Relationships. As for Kaze no stigma (if i understood it correctly) Directly related 1/1 - lets say their great grandpa had 2 kids 1/2 blood relation (cousins) -- those kids married. Kazuma Yagami is the black sheep of the Kannagi family and the main male He is the second cousin of Ayano Kannagi and the estranged older brother of Ren . Contract Activation: Kazuma is a contractor of the Wind Spirit, Kaze no the rest of the series their relationship proceeds to develop with more open flirtation.

Yeah, sure they were partners, but that was because they were just you know, together, no decided relationship between the two. Now though, the two have both agreed on the idea, partners, that's who they are, what they are, but the thought of nothing more than that, what will become of that? The question had been lingering in Ayano's head for quite sometime. Sure, she loved Kazuma, but that doesn't stop her from seeing the important things in life.

Right now she has to focus on her studies and in a few months she'll be 18, then a year after that, she will be deemed the new head of the Kannagi household.

Ayano was smart enough to know that, but there is something else that prevents her from pursuing a greater relationship with the man who stole her heart, Kazuma and his own close knit heart. The thought of Kazuma having even the tiniest bit of feelings for Tsui ling pains her.

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Even if she was Kazuma's first true love, it just hurts her because Tsui ling had such an impact on Kazuma's life, it makes Ayano wonder if she can ever amount to what Tsui ling has done. Kazuma ignoring some of Jugo's thoughts on the mission, glanced at Ayano.

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Her stare was down-cast at her lap, there was a slight frown on her face. He hated seeing her like that. What was she even thinking at a time like this. Sure he wasn't paying attention to what the old geezer was saying, but Ayano, she should a least pay some minor attention to what her old man is saying, she might do something reckless. Heck Ayano was always reckless. Even when she was younger.

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Kazuma could still remember the time he caught Ayano practicing out in the back of the main house, her aim was even more off target than what it is now, but it was so cute that she tried. Cute, wouldn't be the first word to describe Ayano, but that's who she was, cute. Especially when she tries her hardest, another word to describe Ayano, when the going gets tough, she perseveres.

And that was what Kazuma liked about her, she never gives up, even if she's running on sheer will-power, she would never give up. And that made Ayano shine. Hey, maybe he did have some feelings for the young teen, maybe she had grown-up to become so beautiful, maybe she could be what's best for him, or maybe she deserved better, but whatever the answer is, he just didn't want to see her with that sullen look on her face.

And all he wanted to do at the moment, was make all her pain go away. Ayano noticed Kazuma's gaze and turned away, a blush appeared on her face, she then smiled a small smile because he looked worried about her and that's all she could want for at the moment, to know that he at least cares. Ren will accompany you as well for back up if deemed necessary. He's usually not like this, Ayano thought. A slightly worried look plastered her face. The two nodded and Jugo took another sip of tea.

This was definitely going to be one long afternoon. And there you have it: Don't get me wrong, I love that story to death and like I said in the author's note, definitely going to continue it with no doubt in mind. Anyways, I hope you guys like it, but remember this is only the beginning. Hmm, what will become of our two beloved protagonists? Well that's for me to type and for all of you to find out ;D Love you all from the bottom of my heart!

Rhodes used a spell to gather her remaining essence into a being he called Lapis. Before her sacrifice, she and Kazuma worked in a restaurant and were in love.

In the last episode Lapis states that her last thoughts were that she wished Kazuma was dead. Whether this is the truth or a lie meant to cause Kazuma pain is unknown Kazuma notes that she may have said this out of spite towards his inability to save her. As Lapis, she is trained in anti-mage fighting.

Chiaki Takahashi Japanese ; Caitlin Glass English A member of an American family of Enjutsushi, especially skilled in creating and controlling spirit beasts to harness flames. She originally came to Japan to defeat Ayano and take her family's sacred treasure, Enraiha, but decided to stay after she was defeated.

She develops feelings for Kazuma after he trains her for her second fight against Ayano. She manipulates myriads of spirits into a single virtual persona which grants her tremendous power.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship

While seemingly capable of creating different spirit beasts, her favorite is Metatron, an angel-like statue equipped with a sword. Kazuma has observed and mentioned that her fighting style is similar to Ayano's, referring to their simplistic and direct attacks, which lack finesse, strategy or tactics. As Ayano's rival in Enjutsushi and for Kazuma's "love," Catherine refuses to beaten in either. Lonyue came to Japan to retrieve artifacts stolen from his master, befriending Ren along the way.

After recovering the lost artifacts, he opted to stay in Japan because he was bored. Lonyue, like Kazuma, teases and manipulates others in order to accomplish his goals.

Lonyue has the ability to control and manipulate his surroundings at will due his mastery of the way of Tao. His true powers are never revealed, but Kazuma is shown to be genuinely afraid of fighting Lonyue again, since Lonyue is the first opponent against whom Kazuma has lost a fight since his training ended.

Even though he has become a Contractor, Kazuma is not confident in winning against him. Lonyue has only appeared in the Kaze no Stigma: Despite having quite a pushy and bratty attitude at times, Kanon is shown to have a very caring personality, except when it comes to competing with Tatsuya for Ren's attention. He and Kanon always fight to stay with Ren. In Tatsuya's case, to do things that friends do, and in Kanon's case, to do things that couples do.

kaze no stigma kazuma and ayano relationship

Xiaolei Yuan Known as the Yuan Prince, Xiaolei is a Fujutsu practitioner from China belonging to the Yuan family, a famous family of wind mages, and holder of Kokusen, the sacred treasure of the wind like Enraiha is for fire. The Yuan family was wiped out by evil mages who wanted to collect the 4 sacred treasures of the spirit world Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.

When the Yuan family refused to cooperate they were slaughtered leaving a year-old Xiaolei as the only survivor. Xiaolei came to Japan to form an alliance with the Kannagi and so gain revenge. It is later revealed that Xiaolei is actually female. Kazuma and Ayano help her deal with her pain and at the end of the novel, Kazuma uses his Contractor powers to save her from dying.

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Kei Shindo Japanese ; Carrie Savage English A mischievous fairy known as a pixie who appears in episode 8 and was hiding in Ayano and Ren's school and scaring a few students, she makes a cherry blossom bloom for "a dying mans last wish". She then asks Kazuma to get the fairies stolen property back since he has a contract with the wind god she feels he is obligated to.

He uses Misao's anger at Kazuma to ensnare her into aiding his plans.

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In truth, he only uses her as a medium, in order to obtain enough yoki, or life energy, to kill Kazuma. After creating a dragon with Misao's collected life energy, he attacks Kazuma, Ayano and Ren, but is ultimately destroyed by Ayano's Shinen-empowered Enraiha.