Kaiki and senjougahara relationship quotes

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kaiki and senjougahara relationship quotes

I don't think it's possible to talk about Senjougahara's role in Monogatari separately from Kaiki's. Senjougahara is now one of few remaining. SPOILERS ALERT⚠* Deishuu Kaiki is a conman specializing in imposter oddities and charms. Favorite Quote #3, "Oh, right, Senjougahara. He was hit by a car and died in a place with no connection to you, in an event with no connection. This page lists the characters of Bakemonogatari and their associated tropes. Araragi Siblings The protagonist of the story. Koyomi (usually called by his .

Kaiki shows no emotion unless it involves money.

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That is Kaiki though, at frist her only cares about money and nothing more. He was very lame in my mind at frist and eventually worked his way up iny favorite characters. Kaiki prefers working as conman by manipulating those who believe in oddities Kaiki was also very close to Tooe Gaen and had feelings for her. When she was dieing she made Kaiki promise to look after her Daughter, to which he eventually promised he would. He promised he would keep her safe.

Kaiki spent his life as a Con man and eventually made his way into Senjouahara's life and promised to help her with her Oddity. To Senjouahara Kaiki was a man she could depend on but this proved to betray her feelings. Kaiki ended up coning her father and stealing all her familys money pushing her parents to devorice. Kaiki in reality had a soft spot for Senjouahara and realized had senjouahara not been forced away from her mother, Senjouahara had no furture. Taking no thoughts of Senjouahara's, feelings for her Mother, Kaiki did what he did best, conned the family to the point the family was destoried.

He shows no shame to the amount of people he has conned. He is proud in the fact that he has no pride. Making the reality be that no one really know's what he is thinking but Kaiki himself. Kaiki has a very gloomy personality and subscribes to the view that there is nothing in the world that is inherently true. In the end Priding himself in having no pride.

Showing next to now emotion or heart doing everything to make his loses minimal.

My top 12 Monogatari quotes [Updated]

Kaiki hates irreplacable things and being unable to replace say a person or object is bothersome so money is what he loves because he can be careless with it. Kaiki also loves meat, meat and meat to the point he gets a little passionite about it. Kaiki also cares about Kabura and her well being to the point of helping his rivals to make sure she is safe. Deishuu is introduced as a shady character Koyomi sees in front of the Kanbaru Residence.

Kaiki was trying to figure if "there's any business he could do", pertaining to Suruga and her hand, but since Koyomi already helped her, he doesn't find it interesting or profitable, so he leaves. Koyomi thinks that Kaiki reminds him of Meme Oshino, but is more like Guillotine Cutter than the familiar oddity specialist. Later, Koyomi finds that that his sister Karen Araragi met Kaiki while searching for someone who sold charms around nearby middle schools.

Karen later found him with the help of Tsubasa Hanekawa and faced him by herself, but because of his strong personality she lost her courage. Kaiki poisoned her with a Flame-Wreathe Bee and left after taking her money. Kaiki later agrees to meet with Hitagi, even knowing that the one calling him was one of his previous victims. Kaiki very easily agrees with everything that Hitagi demanded of him, when she said that she doesn't trust that he would so easily do everything she said, Kaiki answered that he's "just an old man and not a villain as she imagined", Hitagi insulted that "it's not true because he is just a fake" which he's also proudly agrees.

After that Deishuu reveals that Wreathe-fire Bee, the oddity that "stung" Karen, is nothing more than a fake that everyone believes is true, so his sister would be fine soon, and agreed to leave city as soon as possible, admitting that Hitagi had become a very normal and boring girl than he had known before and suggests that Hitagi had a crush on him, before finally leaving.

Tsukihi Phoenix Edit Contrary to his promise, Kaiki remained within the town even after the meeting with Hitagi and is found by Koyomi at Mister Donut. His reason for staying is to finish some business and again promises to leave after. Koyomi asks Kaiki about Yozuru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononokiwho he had met earlier and he tells him about their occupation as specialists in killing immortal creatures. When Koyomi finds that those two were hunting for his sister Tsukihi Araragihe also learns that the one who gave them the information about his sister was Kaiki himself.

Koyomi Wind Edit This section contains content from Koyomimonogatari. During the same scene at Mister DonutKaiki explains how he spread rumors around town when he swindled middle schoolers. Hitagi End Edit This section contains content from Koimonogatari.

Though Tsukihi wears a yukata near-constantly, it often falls open and doesn't restrict her movements in the least. It's definitely still fanservice, but it subverts the trope. In Mayoi Jiangshi, an alternate timeline, Shinobu or rather, Kissshot turned everyone in the town into Jiangshis, in despair over the death of that world's Araragi.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship quotes

Koyomi asked Shinobu what happened to Tsukihi since she's already a supernatural birdbut never got any direct answer. To the point her brother claims she has hysteria. While she won't live forever, she cannot be killed by any means other than old age at which point she will reincarnate in another woman's womband will recover from any illness or injury.

This is powerful enough to restore her within a few minutes of having her entire body from the waist up obliterated by Yotsugi. Tsukihi, for example, completely falls for Koyomi's completely monotone ramble about how he is just. However, unlike with Karen, it's implied that Tsukihi is generally aware of when she's being tricked and is simply playing along with her brother. This is apparently the procedure for dealing with a Dying Bird. Once Tsukihi steps into view, Yotsugi abruptly blows her entire upper body clean off.

Girly Girl to Karen's Tomboy. What Measure Is A Nonhuman: Technically speaking, Tsukihi has never been a real "human" at all, merely a phoenix in the shape of one. But if she herself doesn't know that, and her own personality is all that anybody else has ever experienced of her, does that really make her anything but?

Naoetsu High School Hitagi Senjougahara "My harsh remarks are made by transmuting 40g of copper, 25g of zinc, 15g of nickel, and 5g of hiding my embarrassment along with 97kg of spite. Chiwa Saito Hitagi is a classmate of Koyomi's and has been for three yearsthough they have never spoken before the story begins.

She slips and falls down the stairs one day, and Koyomi, who is climbing them, catches her—only to realize that she barely weighs anything. Though Hitagi attacks him in an attempt to make him keep quiet about her secret, he offers to help cure her, leading to the events of "Hitagi Crab". She is very beautiful, but also cold, spiteful, and wary. This snappish temperament results from having encountered five con men who claimed they would cure her only to make off with her family's money, which eventually resulted in her parents divorcing.

But when Koyomi's offer turns out to be genuine, she falls in love with him, and asks him out during the events of the "Mayoi Snail" arc. Though her weight is returned to her in her own "Hitagi Crab" arc, it takes Hitagi most of the series to recover from the years she spent without it.

She comes to terms with her past in Nisemonogatari and becomes a lot less verbally abusive as a result. In "Hitagi End", she is forced to deal with the person she wants to rely on the least in order to rescue Koyomi. As you might expect based on the quote above, Hitagi is a big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist. In the light novels and Vofan's corresponding illustrations, Hitagi had brown hair. In the anime it's purple. Despite being quite an open jerkass and troll when not avoiding people, Senjogahara was very popular in middle school.

It's implied she was less hostile back then, though. Her trusty stapler is meant to invoke a crab's claw. Most of her early interaction with Koyomi is sarcasm or belittling him. Her family is heavily fractured and she lives with her father after her mother was taken in by destructive cults. Her mother's behavior as well as the cultists she met and the con men she had to deal with afterward have left her bitter, suspicious and unable to open up properly.

After confronting the conman Kaiki Deishu at the end of Nisemonogatari, her personality mellows out a considerable amount, though this happens offscreen between Nisemonogatari and the season that follows it. Araragi exaggerates how much nicer she's become, but she does grow more openly affectionate and sociable, including spending all night trying to find Hanekawa after her house burns down and slapping her while in tears when she finally finds her. Her newly social attitude is also kind of irritating with Hanekawa not really having any idea how to deal with a Senjougahara who suddenly acts like she's halfway to being Araragi.

Two times in Tsubasa Tiger and Hitagi End. When Koyomi mentions Suruga by her name without honorifics, Hitagi's reaction is to put her pen to his eyeball and ask if there was anything between them despite knowing that such a thing is extremely unlikely.

During the end of the first anime, Senjogahara and her father take Koyomi on a trip. Contrary to Koyomi's expectations, not only does her father thank him for helping her open up when the two are alone, but in a rare moment of vulnerability she admits how much she cares about him and how nervous the relationship makes her.

According to Kaiki, she likes to think of every love as though it were her first. It's self deception, but a healthy kind that he can admire. After contacting him for help, she's awfully touchy regarding the issue the whole arc because with him around it's harder to pretend she only hates him.

She quips about her voice actress having a wide vocal range, which would seem to be an easy fourth wall breaking gag Girl with Psycho Weapon: She carries a veritable armory consisting entirely of office supplies with a special preference for staplers. Just where does Hitagi keep all those office supplies? Hitagi and pounds of pointy office supplies.

Hitagi lies on top of Suruga and gives her these while Hidden under her aggressive attitude and sometimes shown through it is a feeling that Koyomi could do better than her.

She's very afraid of him cheating on her, feels she has little to offer and is intimidated by Hanekawa early on. This is possibly based on a feeling that he simply isn't that invested in her: He made it clear he had no intention of asking her out or had any ulterior motives in helping her, which shows that she doesn't actually mean anything special to him at that time.

As time goes on, her attitude grows less aggressive and more confident, including an increased ability to get along with Hanekawa.

I Owe You My Life: Offers Koyomi many spectacular methods of thanking him for freeing her from the heavy crab, though in truth she's just trying to get him interested in her before she gives up and confesses.

She says she hates Nadeko because she loathes her type, but when Kaiki asks her about that she admits that she'd never even spoken to her. She's aggressive, harsh tongued and violent early on. She says she's just being a tsundere but Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Her relationship with Koyomi can be summed up by saying that she alternates being nice to him in a dickish way, and being a dick to him in a nice way Meaningful Name: Her personality is so fundamentally broken because her mother went quietly crazy and began joining dangerous cults.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship quotes

When she allowed a man to try raping her daughter, it was the final straw for causing the Heavy Crab incident.

No Sense of Personal Space: She spends a lot of her conversations with Koyomi invading his personal space bubble in spectacular ways. And feels him up while they're in the car with her fatherSubverted since she does it deliberately. She has absolutely no idea of how to go about romance. At least Koyomi finds it ridiculously cute. Despite the affections from and ship tease with about half a dozen other girls, Koyomi and Senjogahara is a very sturdy relationship with both having a good influence on the other.

However, this does cause numerous issues later with Suruga, Tsubasa and Nadeko. When they speak about the possibility of hiring him to deal with the Snake God Nadeko Kaiki is cool for the entire conversation until Senjougahara offers to prostitute herself to pay him. That gets his attentionespecially since he knows the details of her past and what that suggestion means to her.

She seems to find the idea of killing Koyomi romantic, and declares that she will kill anyone else who tries. Convinces snake god Nadeko to spare Koyomi and Shinobu until she and Koyomi graduate by calmly pointing out that if she kills Koyomi before Shinobu, Shinobu will revive as a full-powered vampire and easily kill her and if she kills Koyomi before Hitagi, Hitagi will stop at nothing to destroy Nadeko.

Surprisingly, given Nadeko's both power and madness, it works. To her obvious distaste, she implies that despite Kaiki really being responsible for many of her problems, at least he understood her.