Jaejoong and yunho relationship

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jaejoong and yunho relationship

I could be wrong, I mean, Ive been wrong before, but he just seems gay to me. But the problem is that if Yunho were to say no, Jaejoong is also extremely. It's especially sweet when after that, Yunho pulls Jaejoong up to sit next gay shipping-- but they always had a good amount of control over it. Gay: Key (Jaejoong, Yunho, Tao, D.O., Ryeowook, Siwon, Donghae.

Later on, I knew that one of the girls that I met was an idol group killer who dated a lot of boys in famous idol groups. Friendship is very important to me.

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She also dated some of my close friends. In the interview, Jae said he doesn't call up girls when hanging out with his male friends because then all the attention would be on her.

In the interview, he said he stopped contact with a girl because she dated alot of guys, including some of his close friends. This might be a personal interpretation He doesn't hang around girls because they take male attention away from him? In the interview, it feels like he's saying he has to compete more for male attention when a girl is around. And the interview, he appears jealous that the girl has dated some of his close male friends maybe ones he has shown interest in?

Since it was the girl he stopped contact with and he said "friendship is very important to me"it's more likely he's jealous of the girl dating these guys than of his male friends dating the girl. They're totally immune to it at this point. Nothing weird about that. Leader says come closer. We can see your hands, Jae. Let me walk past the other three members of our group to pull you into a hug that lasts so long the camera will have to switch angles, lest something be given away.

The rest don't even pay attention to it anymore. They practice this pose all the time. They even share kisses Jae's weakness will always be Yunho. The kiss seen 'round the fandom. Damn you, camera man! I knew of the YunJae ship, but thought it to be just another S. They were obviously good friends and they seemed to get a kick out of teasing the fans, but I didn't seriously consider their relationship to be anything more than that. Then I saw the following clip. And let me tell you, this was the clip that made me a believer.

This was the clip that planted, watered and harvested the seed of doubt in my mind that their interactions were just for show. I wish I could find this clip without the annotations, because their interactions say everything that needs to be said. In this clip, our boys are asked if they were a girl, who in the group would be their ideal date? When Yoochun is trying to decide which member he'd choose to date, he glances over at Yunho only to be shoved by Jaejoong.

How do I read that? Yunho would be a good date in the unlikely event I ever find myself with two X chromosomes. This is what I was talking about. Really, he could have just blurted out Yunho. Instead he had to have that whole eye conversation with Jae. Some online commenters have stated that Yoochun was hesitating while looking at Yunho as a way of asking permission and I can totally see that.

It certainly explains why he drops Yunho and quickly states that Jaejoong would be his ideal date. At the second mark, Junsu states that any member of the group would be okay with him a nice safe answer if you ask meto which Yunho quickly agrees.

Two amazing things happen. First, right after Yunho makes his comment, Yoochun and Changmin both turn and look directly at Jaejoong. Second, Jaejoong begins to pout. And not a playful, exaggerated "oh shucks, I'm not leader's favorite" pout, either. A full on, lower lip biting, hugging ones self, looking every where but at him pout. The smiling, shovey Jaejoong seen in the first part of the clip disappears.

Because his beloved Leader-sshi didn't pick him. His hurt practically oozes out off the YouTube screen. Yoochun also becomes much more touchy during all this.

Way to be a comfort, Chunnie. Jaejoong is the last to answer the question. Before he even opens his mouth, the entire back row Yoochun, Jaejoong and Changmin glances over at Yunho. Jaejoong of course selects Yunho because of his "more manly" personality. Jae should get "Yunho is manly" printed on a T-shirt, then when people ask him to talk about Yunho, all he'd have to do is point at his chest.

jaejoong and yunho relationship

I'd totally buy that T-shirt. Yunho seems to be a tad uncomfortable by Jaejoong's declaration, but not surprised. It's all in good fun, right Yunnie? Oh my Jae, where do I even start with this love-fest? There's physical intimacy, serenading, jealousy and blatant confessions all in one episode. What's even more telling is the awkward looks everybody else seems to be wearing as our two boys interact. If you're interested, the entire episode can be found here.

But for my purpose, I want to concentrate on two moments: Jaejoong singing to Yunho and the monkey bars challenge. First, there are the monkey bars. This part is just I can't even think of how to describe it. The monkey bars starts at about 1: Did you see that? Did you see how giggly Yunho and Jaejoong were? Did you see the looks of pure "what the fuckery" all the onlookers wore?

Did you feel just a tad uncomfortable watching this clip, as if you were impeding on a rather intimate moment? Yeah, so did I. Before this match-up, Yunho had to face off against Junsu, and he was damn lethal.

Kicking our poor angel square in the chest, until the other man fell off the monkey bars. Yunho is competitive; he's admitted as much.

When faced with a challenge, he doesn't hold back. Unless the challenger is Kim Jaejoong. Then, he just wraps his legs around him and tickles him. Our boys are just too presh. Later, one of the challenges during the episode requires opposing team members to face off and tell the truth about each other.

At one point, when Yunho and Jaejoong get paired up, Jaejoong serenades Yunho with the Chinese version of their debut single, "Hug. Out of all the lines in all the songs in your catalog, why this one?

I could totally be off on that, but Jaejoong has blonde hair and Minnie has that long brown hair that characterized the "O" concept. I loved that hair. At this point, the group had released three albums, so there were plenty of songs to choose from.

Okay, so let's say he sang "Hug" because it's their signature song. But that just raises another question: Why sing it in Chinese? I suspect Jaejoong did not mean for everyone else to understand what he was saying. I also believe it was coincidence that MC Yoo understood the lyric. Jae wanted to sing something special for Yunho, because Leader-sshi is special to him. Yunho looks slightly uncomfortable by Jae's crooning and admits as much to the MC and the rest of the panel.

And unless I'm reading too much into things, Jae seems to deflate just a little at that. But that's been plenty. I don't know what brought it on, but our normally restrained Yunho is adorably doting to Jaejoong during the award ceremony. He gives Jaejoong the type of attention that makes the other man's face light up with joy.

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That sound melodramatic, I know. But look at the pictures. Honestly, Jaejoong could not be more in love if he tried. When Yunho pulls Jae in for a hug which he did multiple times that nightlook at their faces. They look blissful and at peace. They are where they belong. Screw all those other people. Gosh, Jae looks like Yunnie's pretty girlfriend. Lean closer, you two. None of this is for show. None of this is fan service. The camera catches them as they are sitting and watching the performances.

Nobody should be paying them any attention. And yet we get this: How is this anything but real? How can people deny the obvious affection behind this?

Entertainment staff member proving Yunho and Jaejoong aren't nearly as bothered by YunJae as you think they are. Does that mean they're dating as we define it however we may define it? Does that mean they've acted upon it physically?

There's no way any of us will ever know for sure. But I do know this: Brothers don't look at each other the way these two do. Brothers don't touch each other the way these two do. Brothers don't talk about each other the way these two do. You know who does? People who are in love. This is how brothers act. In an industry that leaves them at the mercy of demanding managers, fickle fangirls and obsessive stalkers, these guys have each other.

When they can't get away to see their families and friends because of overbooked schedules, these guys have each other. And it's amazing to watch how well they take care of each other. Even before they debuted, they were looking out for one another. Yunho comes from a relatively poor background. Fall Semester — Majors Jaejoong needs to declare a major; Yunho helps him choose music.

Jae ends up focusing on composing and song writing. He helps Yunho stand up to his father and change his major to dance. Yunho is afraid of their reaction like he is with his own parents, namely his father. YunJae tells the Kims. Yunho acts nervous at home. Fall Semester — Explosion! Employment and Family Ties Yunho tells his parents about his relationship with Jaejoong over the phone. Jung loves her son. Yunho gets a job at a dance studio to help pay for school.

jaejoong and yunho relationship

He also becomes closer with the Kim family and spends more time with them then he does his own family. Fall Semester — Paaarrr-tay! They have final projects they must complete before graduating. Yunho has to choreograph and perform a dance using a song senior music majors write while Jaejoong has to compose a song for a dance major or score for a film major.

The music, dance, and film majors must collaborate. YunJae work together and get the highest grades and best reception at the Senior Showcase the school has ever seen. May — Diplomas and Fathers YunJae graduates from college! Jung attend the ceremony because Jaejoong called and insisted they both come and also because what Jae said was the push that helped Mrs.

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Jung see how just badly her husband was treating her only son. Kim asks his son when Jaejoong is going to bring him a grandson. Yunho continues to work at a dance studio while he sends his portfolio and resume to companies hoping to start his choreographing career. Companies are surprised to learn Jae can compose and write song lyrics and Yunho can choreograph and teach dance.

YunJae gets an apartment together. Spring — Careers Jaejoong gets a job writing a song at a small entertainment company. Yunho gets a job at a small entertainment company choreographing a song.

The song and dance receives moderate success. Jaejoong gets a break in the industry — one of his songs gets first place on Inkigayo. YG asks Jae to work on a full album for one of their artists. Finding out he is adopted, especially when his career is taking off, devastates Jae and makes him question a lot of things about Mr.

We love you no matter what. A song Jaejoong wrote is released and does not do as well as expected. Yunho choreographs a song for a young seven-member boy group that has only debuted for around a year. The group is going for a cute concept, and the fans think the dance is extremely cute and adorable. Spring — Well Known and More Family? YunJae are established in the music industry. Kim asks his son when Jae will give him a grandson when YunJae are over.