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Yo' imam ask C-murph ta come. Huey: (inner thoughts). I wonder what Jazmine's doing now? Chapter 3: Tested Relationships. A week later. Huey's best friend Jazmine is leaving town and told him something about his parents still being alive. Huey comes home to see his Granddad dead and Riley . starts their senior year in high school and certain relationships are tested. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - Huey F., Jazmine D.

They only decided to give them a chance a month ago and now? What would happen if she was going to have a baby? Would Huey want it? Would they be able to raise another baby? How would the kids react? I wouldn't worry about raising another kid," he said, "if you are than you are not alone this time around. They would make it work somehow. Huey heard her breath a sound of relief. But Huey did notice the disappointed look on Jazmine's face.

Jazmine smiles, knowing they were going to be fine no matter what is throw their way. He was thinking how they should slow down because now everything was happening really fast. But it didn't bother Huey as much as it should. Because she was already an incredible mother, so what one more would do? And he had already thought about having a baby with Jazmine but not now.

She did some investigating herself about it and knew Huey was right. Huey saw her face change when he talk about the appliances. We have all Kenmore. Than I notice that the brands didn't match. They didn't say who paid for them," she said, "because of confidentiality. She love how protective he always was with her when they were kids but always told her the truth. She really love having his honestly.

Huey gave her a sweet kiss showing his devotion to her. They were making faces at them kissing. Huey thought about when Rosa was older and the guys that would be after her. If Rosa became the beauty Jazmine did than Huey really needed to get his trusty katana out. As everyone went to sit at the table. Jazmine quickly served up Eggies in a basket because the kids loved them.

Huey's relationships

The expression on her face was sad and hurt as whatever news was coming her way. Huey couldn't hear the rest of the conversation as a tear fell from her eye. Thank you for telling us," she said ending the call. Are you going to live together again if you have to move? He was always a good man but there was always something missing about him. She knew that Jazmine would be good for him but she didn't expect that they will have something like this.

But it was good for them because they were good for each other. She was dressed in a black dress. The service was beautiful. They only had known Rita for over a year but she was the reason they had a home, they became a family and she was the reason why Huey and Jazmine were together.

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They watch her be laid to rest beside her beloved husband in the cemetery as the rain poured over them. Huey wrapped his arm around Jazmine as they left with tears falling from Jazmine's eyes.

Saying good bye was never easy, even for Huey and Jazmine. But Huey felt something different. He felt something was off like he was being followed. He had that feeling for awhile but didn't say anything to Jazmine because he didn't want her to worry. But they felt very out of place as they sat in the lawyer's office with Rita's nephew and wife, who was glaring at them. Fitch said, "the storm is coming down hard.

Wyatt asked for everyone in this room to be present," he said, "and she wanted to make sure that everything was in order. Wyatt said, "I don't have all day. His aunt just died and he wants to get it over with? Wyatt asked, "what about the house?

Huey Freeman and Miss Jazmine Dubois," he said. Wyatt, "what happen to the rest of the money? Wyatt looked like he was ready to explode but demanded the paperwork to sign for the money. They all watch him and his wife leave after Mr. Fitch gave them the proper documents. Fitch said, "I never liked that man. Nothing much, we still have to finish our dissing battle don't forget. Trust me I won't. Hey can I talk to you? Why are you letting your mom control your life? What do you mean?

You shouldn't have to do this video if you don't want to! Please stop yelling someone's going to think something's wrong. Then answer the damn question! I'm trying to bail my dad out of jail. My mom and my whole family think he did commit the crime but he didn't! For yelling at you. I guess I should try to learn how to be more understanding. Lets go it's almost time to go on set! I'll talk to you later Huey in the meantime just come and watch okay.

Is her mom drunk? C'mon Grabs his hand and Smiles Jazmine steps on set. She wrote this whole song. I know I hope it's a good song. I just hope it's one of those little white girl songs you hear on Trust me it's not. Quiet she's about to start. That rap wasn't as good as thugnificent's or gangstalicious but it was ok for a girl. That was terrible do it again. Throws beer bottle on the ground Huey: Smiles Would you like some juice Huey.

Sarah you need to stop. Throws pocket knife at Jazmine on set.