Hemraj and aarushi relationship marketing

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hemraj and aarushi relationship marketing

The Noida double murder case refers to the unsolved murders of year-old girl Aarushi an "objectionable" position, or because Rajesh's alleged extra-marital affair had led to his blackmail by Hemraj and a confrontation with Aarushi. . Rajesh then surfed some stock market and dentistry websites, and sent an e-mail . Rajesh Talwar had found Aarushi and Hemraj in an “objectionable position” and She also practised at a clinic in Khan Market, which is one of the Aarushi and her father was being linked to his alleged affair with Durani. NEW DELHI: A medical expert who insisted sexual intercourse between Aarushi and Hemraj was the motive for their murder cited his “marital.

A day before the murder, the two had spoke at length. Uttar Pradesh Police The police was left red-faced after claiming that Hemraj, who was reported missing at the time, was the prime suspect for killing Aarushi. Noida Police claimed days after the murder to have cracked the case but officers failed to explain some very basic details of the investigation and what led them to conclude that Dr Rajesh Talwar was the killer. There were accusations of not collecting crucial evidence and failing to seal the crime scene.

Investigators at the terrace of the Noida flat in which the Talwars lived. He had a reputation as an ace investigator and was involved in other high-profile cases such as the Nithari killings, Badaun murders, assassination of late Punjab chief minister Beant Singh, and death of RTI activist Shehla Masood, according to this report. Kaul joined the CBI in as sub-inspector.

He died of a cardiac arrest in In a page order on November 25,Lal remarked: In the process of hugging, their clothes will be deeply stained with blood but not found so. She found that the middle door was latched, but not locked.

She opened the latch and walked in. Nupur asked her to come inside Aarushi's room. Bharati stood at the entrance of the room, as Nupur walked inside. Aarushi's body lay on her bed; it was covered with a flannel blanket. Nupur pulled the blanket, and Bharati saw that Aarushi's throat was slit. Both the parents blamed Hemraj for Aarushi's murder in front of the maid.

Bharati walked out of the apartment to inform the neighbours. She returned to the house and asked the Talwars if they wanted her to do the daily household chores.

When they said "No", she moved on to work in other households. Puneesh Rai Tandon, a neighbour who lived one floor below the Talwars, asked the Jalvayu Vihar security guard Virendra Singh to inform the police. The crime scene had been "completely trampled upon". In his police complaint, Rajesh blamed Hemraj for his daughter's murder.

The police suspected that Hemraj entered Aarushi's room in an inebriated state after consuming Scotch whisky, and tried to sexually assault her. When she resisted, he killed her with a kukri a Nepali knife. Rajesh's brother Dinesh Talwar, his driver Umesh Sharma and his childhood friend Ajay Chadha accompanied the constables. It was taken for cremation at the Antim Niwas crematorium around 4 pm. In addition, the police confirmed that the body was not needed for any further examination.

Vikas Sethi later testified that he, along with three others, tried to dump the remaining part of the mattress on the terrace, but found it locked. An old lady then told him to put the mattress on the neighbouring terrace. Rajesh's driver Sharma then asked the neighbour Puneesh Tandon for the key to his terrace. Earlier, at 4 pm also, Sharma had asked Tandon for the key, saying that he needed to dump the ice brought for Aarushi's body.

This time, Tandon opened the terrace himself. Sharma, Sethi and two others dragged the mattress to his terrace. Tandon then locked the terrace door. None of them noticed the body of Hemraj, which was lying on the adjacent terrace, separated by a grilled wall.

Rajesh's former colleagues Rajiv Kumar Varshney and Rohit Kochhar later told the police that they saw bloodstains on the terrace door, its lock and the staircase leading to the terrace.

Aarushi-Hemraj murder case: A who’s who, from accused parents to ‘bumbling’ cops

While visiting the Talwars' house, Varshney had taken the stairs to the terrace by mistake. Praful Durrani, who also visited the house, claimed that the policeman initially dismissed the spot on the terrace door as rust, and was also dismissive of the bloodstains on the floor.

According to Varshney, the police told him that the killer must have tried to escape through or hide weapon on the terrace, but returned after finding it locked. Rohit Kochhar later testified that when a policeman asked Rajesh for the terrace key, he "went into the house and did not come out for a long time. SP Mahesh Mishra testified that he had asked the terrace door to be opened on 16 May.

hemraj and aarushi relationship marketing

However, his subordinates told him that Rajesh Talwar couldn't find the key and they couldn't find a mechanic to break open the door. Several visitors continued to arrive at the Talwars' house which was being managed by Dinesh Talwar with their condolences. These visitors included retired police officer K. Gautam, who had been requested by Sushil Chaudhury to come to the Talwars' house.

After arriving at the house, Gautam examined the rooms of Aarushi and Hemraj. Dinesh then showed him the blood stains on the terrace door handle. According to Gautam, Dinesh requested him to get the terrace door lock opened. Gautam then called SP Mahesh Mishra, and told him that the lock needed to be broken. Mishra promised that he would himself visit the crime scene, and meanwhile, sent the station officer Dataram Nauneria to the apartment.

The key to the terrace was still missing. Anita Durrani asked the Talwars' neighbour Puneesh Tandon if he had a duplicate key to the Talwars' terrace, to which Tandon replied in the negative. A body "in advanced stage of putrefaction " was discovered lying in a pool of blood at about Meanwhile, SP Mahesh Mishra also reached the spot.

Twists, turns and suspense: 10 things to know about Aarushi Talwar, Hemraj murders

Rajesh went upstairs to identify the body. He told the police that he couldn't be sure that the body was that of Hemraj, due to the injuries and the decomposition. Later, a friend of Hemraj identified the body as his. At Haridwar, Rajesh entered the time of Aarushi's death as 2 am in the priest's records. Then, their throats were slit with a sharp weapon. There was no sign of asphyxia. The CBI closure report also mentions an injury on the occipital bonebut according to the Talwars' lawyers, the only injury mentioned by the post-mortem report is one on the left parietal bone.

Hemraj had identical cuts on the neck at the same position. However, her visibly untied pyjamas do not have any signs of wetness. Soon after the killing, this committee visited the Talwar house in Jalvayu Vihar, Noida, to investigate. Former NCW member Nirmala Venkatesh alleges that as soon as they stepped into Hemraj's room, she got five calls from Vyas, asking her to stop the probe. Vyas initially denied there was an inquiry and that a committee was formed.

She later admitted that there was, but said the report was not made public because the CBI was about to investigate. These sensational revelations fly in the face of the CBI's closure report. Though the CBI has been unable to nail the accused, its investigations have completely ruled out the possibility of outsiders having killed Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj Banjade.

Circumstantial evidence points to the complicity of those inside. The crime scene was methodically "dressed up"or cleansed of all evidence which could implicate the Talwars. An expert from the forensic science laboratory, Gandhinagar, who inspected the crime scene, says that the crime had been committed by someone "very close to Aarushi". Nobody except the killer or killers, of course, knows what exactly happened in the Talwar residence during the six crucial hours between 12 midnight and 6 a.

Aarushi was bludgeoned on her forehead and her throat slit with a small, sharp object. A reconstruction of the crime, however, increasingly points to an inside hand. The assailants had gained easy access to the flat because there were no signs of forced entry. They killed Aarushi and Hemraj, moved their bodies around the flat and even stayed behind for drinks. The parents of Aarushi, Nupur and Rajesh Talwar, seem to have slept through an incredible amount of activity in their small flat.

They claimed their bedroom door was shut and the air-conditioner turned on. The murderer dragged Hemraj's body to the terrace using a sheet.

The body was cursorily covered with a cooler lid and a bedsheet on a clothesline. The murderers then locked the terrace door and re-entered the house. They even seemed to know where the Talwars' mini-bar was-behind a wooden panel near the dining table. They drank from a bottle of whiskey and left it on the dining table. The bottle had bloodstains of both victims. That means that somebody entered her room nearly three hours after her murder.

Whoever it was, failed to raise the alarm or even spot her body. She rang the doorbell four times. Normally, Hemraj, the domestic help, would open the door, but this time Nupur opened it. Rajesh was also awake. This was unusual because the couple were late risers.

The iron grill door at the entrance was locked from outside, so Nupur threw the keys from the balcony to Bharti.

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Three minutes later, when Bharti entered, she found the couple sobbing. Aarushi was found on the bed in a pool of blood.

Bharti rushed out to inform the neighbours. Hemraj's room had an independent entry and opened into the flat from inside. The last call received on Hemraj's cellphone was from Nupur six hours after his murder.

hemraj and aarushi relationship marketing

The mobile was still near the crime scene. Another strange incident happened around this time. Nupur called Hemraj's cellphone from her landline at 6. The call was immediately disconnected. This means the dead servant's phone was attended by someone near the crime scene.

Inexplicably, both Hemraj's and Aarushi's cellphones disappeared. Hemraj's phone was never found but Aarushi's Nokia N72 was found on a dirt track by a housemaid near Noida's Sadarpur area a fortnight later.

Its memory was wiped clean.