Heero and duo relationship marketing

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heero and duo relationship marketing

Title: The missing Piece Fandom: Gundam Wing Pairings: forthcoming Heero x Duo Genre: action, Heero travels to L2 to pick up the part himself and meets up with Duo again after a long time. The black market is flourishing.” . Partners in business, not partners as in a relationship she's single at the moment. We've . Father Maxwell: The original Duo Maxwell from the Gundam Wing TV series. Father Maxwell refers to him as being a "stereotypical market principle . After he assassinated the original Heero Yuy, he broke off his relationship with Aoi Clark. Relena doesn't think it's possible to have a relationship with Heero and ' Marketers', it was the one-word description that was either a . Duo Maxwell was a ray of sunshine standing next to a much more reserved Heero Yuy.

What she wouldn't give to switch his shampoo with hair remover. She shook her head, no need to be naughty this close to Christmas instead she returned her attention back to Dorothy who was grinning wildly.

heero and duo relationship marketing

Which was always cause for concern. It was then Relena realised she was scratching. Relena sat up straighter in her leather chair to stare at her surroundings, this time not because of decorations or unruly beard hairs. Everyone was on their feet, except for her. Running, shuffling, packing, straightening. It was a cleaning frenzy.

Everyone enjoyed them and even looked forward to them, herself included. Every year though the execs rotated. The only constant was the head honcho himself otherwise it was a toss-up who would be attending.

Max Media was a large media company with agencies across Europe and Asia still they managed to make it feel much more condensed and familial. Odin Lowe owner extraordinaire made it his business to visit each office at least once a year. Personable and friendly he was highly regarded by his employees, his allies, and his rivals. The first time she had met him, Relena had only been with the company for a few months and he instantly recognised her as a newcomer.

She'd been impressed with his ability to remember names and faces despite the size of the company. Her greener years, as she called them. It was the only way to explain the ridiculous amount of nerves she'd had just to shake his hand. But he's made her feel at ease, even went as far as telling her what he called an inside joke. Apparently, Max which was short for Maxwell, Odin's brother's last name was chosen over his since Lowe Media didn't sound like something people would want to pay for.

It hadn't been all that funny, but Odin cracked up at his own joke to the point of tears in his eyes. Secretly she suspected he was crying because they didn't use his name, that was her version of the inside joke. Before scanning the room for the face she already knew she was going to see, she found it necessary to give herself a firm pep talk. She was fine, everything was fine, and this wasn't an issue. Pep talk complete she stood, confident, back straight, fists curled. She could do this, she could meet him, face to face, without incident.

Why was he so close? She could smell him and taste him, if she tried. Her pep talk fizzled away and with it went her confidence. She faltered and gaped. How could she not? His voice, deep and rich, body lean and muscular and the most intense unwavering gaze.

Thankfully he was making rounds so after a quick handshake with Dorothy and an annoyingly smug smile for her he left. You're acting like you've never met him before. Too bad he's off limits. She'd made it two days working in the same building with Heero Yuy.

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She had clearly overreacted about the entire thing. She hadn't run into him at all, he'd made no attempts at seeing her and she definitely wasn't about to make any attempts to see him. She sighed in relief as she stepped into the elevator.

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She relaxed more and more as the elevator climbed to the tenth floor where her office was located. It had stopped on the way up for a few people but now she was alone. When it dinged for the third time on the ninth floor Relena waited patiently for the newcomers to enter. She thanked heaven he was there. It's always a lot of fun. Missed it last year was sent to London instead. I'm surprised you're here again this year. Wasn't it Wufei's turn?

When they exited the elevators Duo and Heero parted and Relena saw her chance. He had a commanding presence, not at all hindered by the way his body looked in tailored material. A presence that meant that when he began to speak. Everyone stopped to listen. They claim their financial analysts have found deficiencies in the way the money is being spent and the lack of revenue they're earning.

They want to meet with us to discuss a budget adjustment.

I need someone familiar with the account. That's why you shouldn't have chosen me. It was obvious that he wasn't there to negotiate. His mind was made up and this was his goodbye speech before he pulled the plug on their working relationship.

Relena stifled a yawn. The entire scenario was boring her to tears, made worse by the fact that the man talking was doing so from an uninformed position. Growth has been exponential ever since. By the second quarter of this year, you had earned twice the revenue of the entire previous year. The presenter paused to regroup and take to replenish the fluids he was so actively losing over the course of the presentation.

Heero took this time to lean over to her. It had been frightening and exhilarating. Who knew a boardroom could be such a rush, but she figured that had something to do with the fact that things had gone in their favour.

She was still on her high when Heero had suggested lunch and it had taken her a few minutes to realise that she had agreed before she had known what she was doing. That could've gone either way.

heero and duo relationship marketing

Settling instead, on appreciating the white and black contrast of the urban restaurant. Even the plants were of the same colour. I don't need you being nice to me because…" "Because? Point is, I don't need special favours or you being nice to me or you looking at me or you at all.

Worse you're lying to me. Her lunch was great, the food amazing but the conversation had left her hungrier than it should have. It was almost three and she really hadn't gotten any work done. Every time she saw the number four her legs crossed.

It was bad enough having to avoid beards but now she had to avoid four? She went to the break room for a quick snack to distract herself but all that accomplished was giving her more time and space to daydream about the night she spent with Heero. They had run into each other at the costume party talked and even danced. But that was nothing new, there'd been other occasions where they had been friendly toward each other, shared jokes, had lunch but this night was different, at least in hindsight.

She'd gone as an elf and he had worn his usual tux because Heero Yuy apparently doesn't do costumes. After two hours they'd left went to one or two clubs then back to his hotel. The next memory she had was a kiss, hot and aggressive, followed by the quick wild sex pinned to the door, then slow sensual sex on the floor.

Relena hit her head on the overhead cabinet to knock the thoughts loose to no avail. It just reminded her of being hoisted onto the kitchen counter and an exquisitely skilled tongue.

He operates under the cover of a priest, but is in actuality a bounty hunter and high-risk gambler. Due to a strange phenomena of living on Mars, he appears to have aged rapidly. The ex-wife of Father Maxwell.

She cares for Zechs and Noin's daughter Naina for some time, as well as her son Duo. She and Duo were married for some time, but later divorced. Before becoming a nun she was a librarian at the Martian National Library and an expert on nanotechnology. The son of the original Duo Maxwell and Hilde Schbeiker. His attitude is much more abrasive than his father's though closely resembles him. Hilde states that he appeared at the orphanage from nowhere, however implications are that he is in fact their son by blood.

He has been trained as a pilot to work alongside Heero in Operation Mythos. He pilots the MS "Warlock". Once the Gundam pilot who was called by the alias "Trowa Barton". Called No-Name at one time, he bears an uncanny resemblance to a younger Doktor T. She apparently still appears quite youthful despite being into well into her 40's.

Formerly the Gundam pilot Quatre Raberba Winner. The significantly younger sister of Quatre Raberba Winner. She was originally created by Zayeed Winner as a "spare" for her brother. She steals the Prometheus mobile suit and joins Relena Peacecraft's side.

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She seems to have a romantic interest in both Trowa Phobos and Milou Peacecraft. He is Kathy Po's direct superior. He was entrusted with the care of Heero's cryocapsule for the past number of years.

He is the pilot the Epyon White, calling it 'Nataku' as with his previous Gundams. Called by the nickname 'Neo-Titanium Girl'. Lady Une is her aide, and Sylvia Noventa is her ambassador to Mars. Mars Federation Relena Peacecraft: Preventer has called for her assassination with the initiation of Operation Mythos. She was frozen on her way to Mars from Earth in case of unknown complications.

She at first seems to have returned to her political position of total pacifism that she had espoused as sovereign of Sanc Kingdom, but reveals she is in fact is being held as a hostage by the Noinheim Konzern and has no true political power. The PPP nanotech hidden within the Martian Endemic vaccine prevents violent actions from being taken towards her. Her older brother was the first President of Mars. She has remained Relena Peacecraft's right hand woman after her awakening.

While Noin's brother operated as President under his name, he traveled Mars with their daughter, Naina. He seems to have not aged despite the time that has passed on Mars. He now pilots the Tallgeese Heaven, which utilizes anti-nanotech technology. The twin daughter of Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Noin. She was left in Hilde Schbeiker 's care when she was younger, but later rejoined her father and became Relena Peacecraft's 'knight' like her mother. She closely resembles her father and appears to be more serious than her brother.

The twin son of Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Noin, he resembles his mother and seems more playful and less serious than his sister. He is a talented flautist. He and Katherine Winner seem to have an attraction to one another. He is in actuality Noin's older brother, using Milliardo's name as an alias. He was the head figure of the Noinheim Konzern, a shady group which was one of the first to be involved with Martian terraformation.

A nanobot replication of Zechs Merquise, complete with his memories. Elder sister of Quatre Raberba Winner. One of her patients was Relena's adoptive mother, Marleen Darlian.

Leader of the Maganac Corps. Often visited and tended to Katherine Winner in her youth. By early MC, he has a wife named Kami. As an elderly woman, she was treated at the Winner Hospital. Katherine Winner reunites her with her daughter when Relena is elected President of Mars. When her sister, from whom she was cloned, died, Stella was treated with the girl's stem cells and recovered, and their friendship grew apart, with Stella beginning to harass Katherine with her new friends for being a spare.

She was later killed in the crossfire of a rebellion against Mars Federation forces. Leader of OZ until his death at the end of the TV series. His origins and childhood is told in the beginning chapters of the novel.