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Carol Ferris is the boss and on-off love interest of Hal Jordan. Over the years, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern would duel again and again, but . their hosts, Carol angrily commented on her own relationship with Hal and said that she did. Explore Emily's board "Relationship | Carol Ferris + Hal Jordan" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Green lantern hal jordan, Green lanterns and Green. Want to learn more about some of the best 'Green Lantern' movie quotes? You've come to the right place. Carol Ferris: "Nice jacket." Hal Jordan: "Yeah, I've.

For some reason, the loss of the Star Sapphire's power source did not seem to affect Carol's powers. Eventually, she deputizes Wonder Woman as a temporary Star Sapphire, due to her great ability to feel love, thus undoing Nekron's control of the Amazon. In an attempt to stop the Spectre, Hal releases Parallax's essence, deciding to join with him again to fight back.

Carol tries to stop Hal, but he refuses to be swayed. Carol kisses Hal, telling him "I love you", before Hal allows Parallax to possess him. She frees him from the Predator by kissing him. After that, Carol and Hal are taken to Zamaron. The Queen gives her life to sustain the central power battery and gives her title to Carol Ferris.

As she started an invasion on Zamaron with her manhawks, they are approached by Carol and the Predator. She then tells Hawkman the reason is that the couple have a great love, a greater love then she and Hal Jordan could ever have.

Guy Gardner later uses Carol's ring along with Atrocitus 's Red Lantern ring in order to remove Parallax from the central power battery. After Krona is killed by Hal, she reclaims the violet ring of the Zamarons. When Hal is stripped of his ring, she returns with him to Earth. Carol offers Hal a job at Ferris Aircraft, but not as a pilot because of insurance issues.

Hal asks her out to dinner and Carol thinks he is going to propose. When he does not, she walks out on him and drives away, leaving him without a ride. Carol accepts Hal's apology and they renew their relationship. However, when they arrive at the scene of the fight, they discover nothing but more 'conventional' zombies and are informed that Hal and Sinestro are apparently dead.

However, Carol rejects the idea that Hal is dead as the link between her heart and his which she can sense via her ring is still intact, with her ring's visions informing her that Kyle must unite the powers of all seven Corps in himself to stop this latest threat. After getting a lock on Sinestro's location, Carol and Kyle arrive at the planet Korugar's ruins, where Sinestro attacks them both, blaming them for his home's destruction by the First Lantern.

When Carol demands to know where Hal is, Sinestro states that Hal is dead, but Carol refuses to believe him and attacks. When Kyle splits the White Lantern ring into seven after realizing that the power is too great for him to control on his own, he chooses Carol as one of the six new members of the White Lantern Corps; however, she decides to keep her violet ring. As Star Sapphire, she can use her gem of power to fly and to hurl blasts of force nearly equal to the power of a Green Lantern's ring.

Moreover, the Sapphire bestows upon her a certain amount of invulnerability and allows her to survive in airless space. During the most recent battle with Star Sapphire, Carol was temporarily empowered by Hal's ring, granting her strength and a certain degree of invulnerability.

During this, Carol was clad in a version of her Sapphire uniform, but with Green Lantern design. These powers were provided by exposure to Hal's power ring and were temporary. Carol now wields a less powerful violet power ring as a member of the Star Sapphires, which replicates her original powers as Star Sapphire to a degree as well. Despite being helplessly overwhelmed before, Carol's previous exposures to the Star Sapphire's power are assumed[ citation needed ] to have given her a certain tolerance to the violet ring's current influence.

Evil's Might, set during the American women's suffrage movementCarol is a New York City suffragette and is swept up in a conflict for worker's safety, her hand in marriage, and control of green power rings that have surfaced in town. Hal forces the Shark to crash his jet into Carol's jet, and both of them barely escape using the ejection system. Upon their return to America, Carol thinks Hal is not living up to his potential.

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Afterward, Carol is angry at Hal for taking a mission for the U. Hal refuses; however, she goes anyway. During the battles, Carol sees Hal drop the missile through New Themyscira's invisible shield but he is killed in the process. Afterward, Carol returns to Coast Citywhere Thomas Kalmaku gives her a note saying that Hal was too afraid to say that he had always loved her. Carol sees the engagement ring that he was going to propose to her with.

She recognizes that Hal is concerned over the way things have gone since Superman's Regime escalated and waits for him to come back after he is called away by the Guardian Ganthet.

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Hal, however, is ungrateful and uses his ring to knock Guy away and take Carol. This leads Ganthet to strip Hal of his ring, leaving him and Carol to plummet. Sinestro offers Hal a yellow ring for a replacement, and Hal reluctantly takes it to save Carol. The Spectrum War, in which the universe was destroyed by Nekron, Carol is one of the few survivors after Ganthet sacrifices himself to initiate the 'Last Light' protocol, sending himself, the last ring-wielders, and the last six rings of the other six corps into the new Star Trek universe.

Although Leonard McCoy —the chosen wielder of the Indigo ring—is able to confirm that Walker will recover, Carol reveals to Hal that Nekron has been drawn into their new universe as well.

Carol appears in issue 11 of the Young Justice tie-in comic book series. While her identity is never stated, the show's creators have confirmed that she's indeed Carol Ferris.

Her power come from her mask's stone which gives her Green Lantern-like abilities that enable her to form shields, create energy constructs, fire power blasts, create a full-body field that enables her to fly, and travel through deep space. She is initially repelled by the idea of working with "common criminals" but seems to warm to the amount of money that Luthor promises each of them something that keeps her from quitting after their initial plan fails.

When Aresia reveals the group's agenda, she is initially shocked by the revelation, but ultimately joins enthusiastically. While aligned with this team, she successfully tricks Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl into believing that she still wants to live in a world with men, luring them into a trap that subdues both them and Hippolyta.

Later on, she and Aresia, along with Tsukuriflee with Hippolyta aboard Aresia's plane. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl pursue them, and she is knocked out of the fight when Wonder Woman wrenches one of the plane's laser cannons free from its housing and hurls it at her from behind; plunging her into the sea. She joins Grodd 's Secret Society.

During the mutiny led by Grodd, she sides with Luthor, and thus is among the survivors who arrive on Earth in time to warn of Darkseid 's impending invasion. During the battle, she is struck unconscious by a beam from an Apokoliptan cannon, but is saved from falling to her death by Shining Knight. She is last seen fleeing the Metro Tower along with the other surviving members of the Secret Society.

Although she appears in both her human and Star Sapphire forms, she is unaware of her transformations. Carol is transformed into Star Sapphire after the Zamarons abduct and implant their queen's spirit within her and bestow a violet power ring upon her.

Whenever Carol places the ring on her finger, she loses control of her body when she transforms into Star Sapphire with her power being fueled by Carol's recent frustration with her lover Hal Jordan's erratic behavior.

Star Sapphire ultimately attempts to open a portal that allows an army of Zamarons to invade Earth but the invasion is repelled by Jordan and Batman. After the Zamarons are sent back to their homeworld, Carol eventually regains control and casts the Star Sapphire out of her body while apparently losing all of her memories of her time under the ring's influence.

The Animated Seriesvoiced by Jennifer Hale. There she discovers that Hal Jordan is Green Lantern. Carol is furious when she believes he is with another girl while she thought he was dead and attacks him. In the end, Hal gets through to her and she relinquishes the ring and its power another Star Sapphire states she is the first to do so. The Zamarons allow her to go home and she reluctantly parts from Hal after telling him to do what he needs to do and come back to her.

They are briefly reunited in the episode "Homecoming", when the Star Sapphires have managed to send Hal to her as a shortcut to Oa. He is amnesiac at first; once she restores his memory, he goes to Oa. The episode ends with her looking at him returning in the sky. In the next episode, she decides to end their relationship due to the difficulties caused by his duties. In the episode "Love is a Battlefield", she had to fight Atrocitus to prove love is a great emotion.

At the end of the episode, she renews her relationship with Hal. In addition, she decides to keep the ring this time just in case. Carol Ferris appears in the Young Justice: Invasion episode "Depths", voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

She oversees the launch of a satellite designed by Ferris Aircraft to open up relations between Earth and Mars. The shuttle is destroyed by Black Manta after Aqualad led a failed attempt to stop it from launching.

In the Arrow episode "Darkness at the Edge of Town" during a flashback, the civilian aircraft is from Ferris Airline which is owned by the Ferris Family. In the pilot episode of the Arrow spin-off, The FlashS. Later in the episode "Who is Harrison Wells? On the welcome sign to the city, a picture of an airplane is depicted, and the sign reads "Home of Ferris Airlines. She appears as a student at Super Hero High.

The New Frontiervoiced by Brooke Shields. This version does not have any superpowers although a Star Sapphire is shown in full costume at the end of the film during U. She begins a romance with Hal Jordan right after he becomes one of her company's new pilots. First Flightvoiced again by Olivia d'Abo.

This version is still Hal Jordan's employer and also has a relationship with him before he becomes Green Lantern.

Doomvoiced again by Olivia d'Abo. She lures Jordan into a mine by taking the workers hostage using a group of radicals called the "Identity Brotherhood". Star Sapphire When Hal gets back to Earth, Carol Ferris is waiting for him, and the two resume their relationship, but not without problems. Carol finally gets fed up with Hal leaving her all the time to play super-hero, to the point where she orders Hal once and for all to choose between her and his power ring.

Remarkably, Hal gives up being a Green Lantern in order to be with Carol. He immediately regrets his decision, though, after Carol transforms into a particularly nasty version of Star Sapphire. Starting with the early stories, in one of the more unusual Silver Age twists involving a comic book super-hero and his girlfriend, Carol Ferris is regularly subjected to a sort of alien possession that turns her into a powerful pseudo-villain called Star Sapphire.

The possession is courtesy of a gemstone given to her by an alien race known as the Zamarons, an offshoot of the Guardians of the Universe. Star Sapphire has several agendas, one of the most persistent being to force Green Lantern to become her consort or mate: In fact, in one early story, an alien named Dela Pharon who originally bears a striking resemblance to Carol, though she's later retconned to be very alien nearly ensnares Hal as her consort: However, corporate- and Hal-related stresses eventually cause Carol Ferris to transform into a Star Sapphire that is mean and murderous.

Though Hal is no longer Green Lantern at this point, the mean Star Sapphire confronts him once more about becoming her consort.

When he turns her down, she subjects him to a physical and emotional pistol-whipping, tells him more or less to get stuffed, and then leaves Earth altogether.

Hal then becomes determined to be a Green Lantern again. After a series of events during the Crisis of Infinite Earths, Hal gets his wish and in fact becomes the sort-of leader of a group of Green Lanterns stationed on Earth. Arisia During a nasty battle between the entire Green Lantern Corps and a renegade Guardian of the Universe, Hal encounters a Green Lantern named Arisia, who says she's 13 years old and who strongly resembles a blonde, golden-skinned elf.

For a long time after the battle with the renegade Guardian, Arisia continues to hero-worship and throw herself at Hal every chance she gets, almost to the point of being truly annoying.

She soon resembles a mature and very exotic woman -- a change brought on by her power ring responding to her subconscious wishes.

Thus transformed, and apparently matured, Arisia confronts Hal over her feelings for him, and he finally relents: Arisia finally has what she wants, but Hal expresses concern over how others might feel about their relationship. For a while Hal is one of only a few Green Lanterns in the universe left with working power rings. With the dissolving of the Corps, Hal and Arisia remain together on Earth, and Arisia even gets a job as a fashion model.

Hal and John both eventually escape their situations, but Star Sapphire disappears -- kidnapped by aliens. When Arisia allows a villain to escape in order to rescue Hal, Hal lashes out at her: Definitely not one of Hal's better moments. Arisia decides to pack her bags and leave -- though she and Hal do become friends again just friends later on. For the time being, however, Hal is left without a girlfriend -- but he certainly has his admirers: Rose Lewis While wandering around the countryside, Hal decides to drop in on a woman named Rose Lewis, who he met when he and Green Arrow visited her town way back in the Hard-Traveling Heroes days.

Rose hires Hal to help with chores on her farm, and the two flirt with each other and engage in playful banter: Soon, however, Rose gets more than she bargained for.

The Guardians decide to keep all of the kidnapped interplanetary communities on the Mosaic world for a time. In fact, he accuses John of brainwashing Rose. A Green Lantern battle royale soon explodes over the situation, and John ultimately wins the fight.

However, he runs into a few problems when some of the new female recruits, like Brik, start falling in love with him: Star Sapphire also resurfaces. Of course, Hal feels obligated to rescue her, and with help from the other GLs, he succeeds. Carol Ferris becomes free of Star Sapphire for the first time in years, and Hal is given the go-ahead to take her back to Earth and remain there as head Green Lantern.

Gradually, though, their old relationship shows signs of returning. Carol even suggests that they should probably go ahead and get married, especially since her biological clock is ticking. Hal also becomes leader of the European branch of the Justice League, taking over from Batman.

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Aquaman, in particular, thinks Hal is too reckless to lead the Justice League. Despite not knowing who he is or what his powers are, Hal ends up helping Power Girl battle the villain Sonar.

Sonar gets the drop on them, however, and Green Lantern and Power Girl become trapped together, with Hal lamenting that he might die without knowing his own identity. Heck, she practically inhales his face: Eventually, the two are rescued, Hal gets his memory back, and he and Power Girl go about life as usual, as if nothing happened between them.

Later, the Justice Leaguers are surprised to learn that Power Girl is pregnant. GL, in particular, seems shocked by the news, and he seeks out Power Girl to question her. As it turns out, Hal wants to know who the father is because it definitely isn't him.

He jealously accuses her of sleeping with Aquaman -- and she promptly belts him one: And his life soon gets a whole lot worse. Though at first Hal seems to be doing an okay job of coping with the tragedy especially since Carol Ferris and many of his friends have survivedhe ultimately succumbs to a downward spiral.

He becomes possessed by an all-powerful alien parasite and is transformed into the villain Parallax. At this time, readers also find out that Hal's old high school sweetheart, Jennifer, apparently died when Coast City was destroyed.

As Parallax, Hal has no love life at least none that anyone knows of. On another occasion, he shares a profoundly intimate moment with a being known as the Forever Woman: Leave it to Hal Jordan to find a way to get even the Spectre to experience a little romance. Back from the dead -- and back to business Eventually, Hal is freed from both the Spectre and Parallax, comes back from the dead, and proceeds to put his life back together.