Glinda and elphaba relationship help

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glinda and elphaba relationship help

I dunno. Help? So, I randomly was reading a topic on the discussion board at Or do people not see the Elphaba/Glinda because they are so trained to only process to wonder about the complexities of Elphaba and Glinda's relationship ?. to help them place Wicked in its historical and commercial history, . The last three questions were open ended, about the nature of the relationship between Elphaba and Galinda. Gelphie refers to the romantic relationship between Elphaba and Glinda as implied by subtext in Gregory Maguire's novel and Stephen.

Courtesy of Joan Marcus Unloved by her father and despised by all around her, the Wicked Witch of the West still managed to charm Pittsburgh last Thursday night.

Which Witch is Most Wicked? The Recent Backstories of the Wicked Witch of the West

Wicked portrays an alternate version of the classic story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Instead of following Dorothy, the musical focuses on the villain of the original tale, Elphaba Anne Brummelbetter known as the Wicked Witch of the West.

glinda and elphaba relationship help

Instead of being characterized as heartless, Elphaba is portrayed as misunderstood, forever in the shadow of her rival and later friend, the flashy blonde Glinda Natalie Daradich. Although it is based on a novel of the same name by Gregory Maguire, Wicked the musical has taken on a life of its own. It has broken box office records since its first Broadway showing in and has toured worldwide. Although originally intense rivals, the two become close despite their opposing personalities.

Daradich embodied the over-the-top, too-perfect, always-popular Glinda, making the audience laugh with her unnecessary posturing. Start of Darkness Elphaba, technically speaking, has two starts of darkness — one in the eyes of the public of Oz, the other in her own eyes. Her second turn occurs when her love, Fiyero, is seemingly killed for protecting her. But the poison works too well, and Theodora is transformed completely into the familiar Wicked Witch of the West, now full of only hatred for Oscar and Glinda.

Zelena tries to kill Regina, but it turns out to be a test by Rumpelstiltskin clearly, she failed. Frustrated, Zelena returns to the Wizard and demands that he take her to the past, to the moment where Cora abandoned her, so she can change it.

glinda and elphaba relationship help

Zelena, not taking no for an answer, transforms him into a flying monkey, and sets out to find a way to change the past. Elphaba and Zelena are both very similar, both driven by the betrayals of others and their own ambitions.

But while Elphaba goes off the edge and goes for the shoes only after a lot of stress a turn which turns out to be temporaryZelena becomes dedicated to literally bending the rules of magic to get what she wants. Point to Zelena but kudos to Elphaba, as her having to deal with the negative press. So, where did it come from? Elphaba is born green, something she is greatly scorned for from the moment she is born, because her mother drank a defective green elixir from the man she was having an affair with when she got pregnant.

She learns to develop a tough skin about the comments, but she secretly wishes to become normal with the help of the Wizard.

glinda and elphaba relationship help

Theodora becomes green through the potion that shrinks her heart, turning her into the witch. She was, however, vulnerable to water even before her transformation, as when she cries the tears burn her face.

It is unknown if this has happened to any other spell casters in the Enchanted Forest, but Rumpelstiltskin seems familiar with the phenomenon. As her main motivation is jealousy, she remains green while in the Enchanted Forest. Just go with it.

Being screwed over by your sister, or a jealousy metaphor gone literal, are not bad reasons for being green. But being born green and having to struggle with that makes for a better character. Powers Elphaba within the Oz of Wicked has uncommonly strong magic. As her family is ashamed of her uncontrolled bursts, she has tried to hide it up until her entrance to Shiz.

Once there she is a stellar magic student. She is able to read and spellcast from the ancient Grimmerie, make a broomstick fly, give her sister the ability to walk, and even, limitedly, see the future.

Frex favors Nessarose over Elphaba, a source of constant resentment. Nessarose is almost comically pious, the preeminent quality the zealous Frexspar desires in a daughter. While Elphaba is born with green skin, Nessarose is considered beautiful, although she is born without arms. During her visit to Munchkinland near the end of the fourth section of the book, Elphaba discovers that the Quadling Turtle Heart may in fact have fathered Nessarose, and was also her mother's lover.

Nessarose later joins Elphaba at Shiz. It is also at this time that Elphaba first meets Madame Morrible, the head of Crage Hall the part of the university open to women and develops a dislike for her that soon becomes a hatred due to the belief that Madame Morrible's Tik Tok, Grommetik, is responsible for the death of her favourite professor, a sentient goat by the name of Doctor Dillamond.

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Later on in life Elphaba attempts to kill Madame Morrible several times; the last time she attempts this, she finds Madame Morrible already dead, so Elphaba claims credit for killing her.

Frex sends Nessarose a beautiful pair of jewelled slippers as a gift these slippers are later enchanted by Galinda to enable Nessarose to walk without assistance.

Elphaba pretends not to care that she received no gift from their father, but toward the end of the novel, the shoes become an obsession for her, as she sees them as a symbol of Frex's favoritism.

After meeting the Wizard she becomes increasingly disgusted with the ever-more tyrannical and anti-sentient-animal policies of the Wizard even more so after the murder of Doctor DillamondElphaba drops out of Shiz and takes up residence in the Emerald Citywhere she joins a resistance movement.

Elphaba later meets up with Fiyero again and eventually permits him to keep coming back as long as he doesn't disclose her location. The two fall in love with Elphaba constantly asking Fiyero questions about her old friends. They begin an affair, despite the fact that Fiyero is married with three children Irji, Manek and Norbut Elphaba refuses to let Fiyero touch her below the waist.

Fiyero is eventually murdered by the Gale Force the Wizard's secret police after disregarding Elphaba's instructions to stay away from Corn Exchange where she squats while she is taking part in an operation for the resistance. When Elphaba returns she finds the floor covered in blood; though no body is ever found it is implied that no human could survive blood loss of that magnitude.

Severely traumatized and covered in Fiyero's blood, Elphaba makes her way to a nearby mauntery nunnery where she lapses into a stupor for a year. While in this state, Elphaba may have carried to term and given birth to a son, Liir.

glinda and elphaba relationship help

Elphaba cares for him along with other children as part of her duties at the mauntery, and during this time does not consciously consider herself to be the boy's mother. She only starts to consider that she might be Liir's mother though for the most part, continuing to remain below her deliberate consciousness when she readies to leave the mauntery and is told she must take him with her.

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Liir doesn't seem to resemble either Elphaba or Fiyero and lacks her green skin. Following her return to consciousness, Elphaba spends another year recuperating and a further seven tending the terminally ill in the mauntery. After this, she visits Fiyero's wife, Sarima, seeking forgiveness for her part in Fiyero's death. Sarima welcomes her and allows her to live at Fiyero's castle of Kiamo Ko.

Though Elphaba had only intended to stay at Kiamo Ko a short time, Sarima refuses to even talk about Fiyero and so she resigns herself to living in the castle indefinitely. Elphaba eventually gives in to this name even though she initially resented it.

Though Elphaba had once considered sorcery to be nothing more than "entertainment" and was not interested in studying the art, she is revealed to have taken correspondence courses in magic during her time living in the Emerald City.