Ginji and ban relationship questions

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ginji and ban relationship questions

The episodes for the anime series GetBackers were produced by Studio Deen and based on The team is primary composed by Ban Mido, a man born with the illusionary . As The GetBackers search for The Transporters, Ban recalls to Ginji about Teshimine questions Masaki for returning to the Limitless Fortress . The following is a list of fictional characters featured in the manga and anime series GetBackers Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. . Ban noticed that he has changed and did not deliver the killing blow to Ginji as . Both in the manga and anime, his relationship with Madoka has progressed. Specifically, I was wondering: when does Ginji turn Raitei in the manga? plus he's separated from Ban, and a bunch of other psychological/emotional reasons, .

Shido noticed that Madoka's recital performance was already finished. So he returned to her house, only to find out that he wasn't home. He then remembers that Madoka would wait for him at the recital performance stage. He runs to see her, as she lands into his arms. Madoka plays a piece for Shido, as he thinks deeply about her.

Everyone Assembled" "Ginji Nyuuin? He accidentally drops some food, as it starts rolling off the rooftop. Ginji chases after it, but summarily falls off the rooftop. This results in Ginji's hospitalization. As the mission was deemed a failure, Ban becomes aggravated at Ginji. Hevn, Himiko, and Shido visits Ginji. It is revealed Shido took care of the job that The GetBacker left behind.

ginji and ban relationship questions

Ban becomes jealous at Shido, as the two argue insultingly at each other. A nurse comes in, asking for the help of a recovery service. They meet with a group of nurses who ask them to reclaim a stack of letters written by their patients, which is in the possession of a head nurse.

Ban and Shido wager a bet to see who can be the first to reclaim the stack of letters. The loser must be the one to resign from the recovery service. As Himiko spends time with Ginji, Karuki comes by, looking for Juubei, who seems to be getting a physical checkup done, mistakenly.

Ban and Shido take the competition too far, as they have both failed to retrieve the letters. Natsumi, walks in on Ginji and Himiko, as Ginji was choking on an apple and Himiko was about to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Kazuki is mistaken for a female nurse, but is caught by the head nurse. Hevn and Natsumi begin to think Ginji and Himiko are soul mates. The head nurse finds out about the nurses whereabouts, and they retaliate as they demand back the letters. Ban and Shido make their way trying to win the "competition", only to have it tossed out from the rooftop of the hospital.

Emishi visits the group, explaining that a bag of letters fell into his hands. He gave the letters to the nurses, and they showed him their gratitude. Kazuki comes in dressed as a nurse, and Juubei is seen in a gurney being sent to have a computed axial tomography scan. Ginji breaks out the window onto a power line.

Due to the static electricity, Ginji becomes revived. However, Akabane unexpectedly shows up, causing Ginji to faint. Moreover, Akabane spends time with Ginji in the hospital, much to his chagrin.

About the Get Backers Anime Series, is Ban and Ginji gay?

Ban and Ginji chase the monkey into a nearby forest, but they eventually lose sight of it. Ginji finds the food, only to find out it was a trap. They soon find themselves surrounded by monkeys. They figure out the monkey were the same ones who had stolen all the jewelry in the hot springs bath from before. As they return to see Natsumi, unable to retrieve the food, the same monkey, who just so happens to be the boss monkey, deliberately starts eating the food right in front of them.

Natsumi explains that she prepared their favorite meals for them, as the boss monkey continues to eat. Ban and Ginji break into tears, chasing the boss monkey, but to no avail. When they arrive at the summer house, they explained the story to Shido, who was indifferent on the matter. They later explained the story to Madoka, as she asks Shido to help them with this situation. Shido witnesses that the monkeys are eating food from the customers of a nearby food stand.

The monkeys run away, and Shido chases them to the nearby forest where all of them are. Shido then meets the boss monkey.

He orders all of the monkeys to sleep, however the boss monkey stays awake. Shido and the boss monkey face off in a head-on collision, with the boss monkey being defeated. The rest of the monkeys surround Shido, as they bow down to him. Meanwhile, Ban and Ginji drive back, as they encounter the boss monkey again, taking their food again.

They chase the monkey to the nearby forest again, setting off the same trap. They see that Shido is the leader of the pack of monkeys, and that he has the food. As he tastes the first bite, he perceived the food as poisonous. Ban and Ginji sneak off back to the summer house, and they go to the hot springs bath there.

It is seen that Shido, as well as the monkeys, also show up there. Madoka asks Shido how the food was, as Shido upsets her as he thought it tasted awful. A disappointed Natsumi escorts a depressed Madoka back into the summer house.

Ban and Ginji leave Shido alone.

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The next day, the monkeys are eating food from the customers of the same nearby food stand. Shido expresses his anger, and Ban and Ginji try to confront him. All three engage in a battle. This leads to their arrest. They record a sighting of a strange phenomenon, and they present it to Hevn the following day. Hevn sees a familiar person in the footage, and then cancels the mission for Ban and Ginji, giving them compensation for the cancellation. Hevn flashes back to when she was working in a research facility.

The research facility was attacked by an army of commandos, and Eiji, her research partner, was shot in the process. In another flashback, Eiji discusses an alloy, which can be used to make methods of transportation more reliable. It can also make building more durable in structure, and can make prosthetic arms and legs more flexible and agile. So it seems that Hevn takes on the assignment, to retrieve the alloy, which is the stolen governmental object. She infiltrates the commando ship, is faced by an army of commandos and she surrenders.

She is taken to Eiji, and eventually recognized. During the battle, Ban and Ginji are revealed disguised as commandos; the commandos are defeated. The leader runs away, and the three chase Eiji. When he is found, they attack him. Ginji's lightning and Ban's grip are rendered useless, as it is revealed that his clothes contain the alloy. She is surprised that Eiji survived the commando attack from years ago.

He reveals that he is an agent, assigned to steal the alloy. He revealed that he got close to Hevn to make achieve his plan. Feeling deceived, Hevn prepared to snipe Eiji. However, he offers to go with her to restart their lives. He shows his bullet wounds from the commando attack to prove that he cares for her. Ban and Ginji leave Hevn and Eiji alone.

ginji and ban relationship questions

Ironically, Hevn walks in and offers them a new assignment. Azuma, later recognized, enters the Honky Tonk cafe, as he was an old acquaintance of Paul.

Azuma asks Paul if he is able to obtain an item from Sakai, also later recognized. However, Azuma said he will return later on. Ban and Ginji were discussing about a band of thieves for hire who lived near a harbor, and they disbanded after a failed mission. It is later revealed that the band of thieves were Paul, Azuma, and Sakai.

In a flashback, it is seen that Paul, Azuma, and Sakai are hired to steal a antique vase. However, Sakai betrayed Paul and Azuma by joining the mafia. They run for their lives, but Azuma is shot and falls into the ocean, supposedly being dead. In the present, Paul and Azuma need Ban and Ginji's help to reclaim the stolen antique vase from Sakai. Nevertheless, Ban rejects the case, and Ginji tries to talk him out of his decision. After Paul admits his mistake of being part of a band of thieves, Ban accepts the case, under the condition of relieving the tab.

The four of them infiltrate the mafia mansion, getting past the mafia guards outside. Azuma disarms the security system of the mansion, which made Ginji impressed. They eventually find the antique vase. Paul carefully plans out the robbery of the antique vase, but Azuma sets off the security alarm, demanding to see Sakai. The four of them are in the custody of the mafia guards, and Sakai makes his way in to see them. Azuma unveils that he has a detonator to multiple bombs planted in the mansion, as it was his original plan from the start.

He advises the other three to take the antique vase and run. However, Ban, Ginji, and Paul use the detonator as a distraction, as they take down the mafia guards. Azuma chases after Sakai, but is summarily shot by him. With little strength he has left, Azuma detonates the mansion, setting it into flames. However, Ban reveals that he had used Jagan on Sakai. Azuma asks Sakai why he joined the mafia, to which Sakai answered that he wanted to live a "better" life.

He wanted Azuma to kill him, but Paul said that they have changed. Paul, Azuma, and Sakai go their separate ways. Sakura is seen being attacked by Kaoru Ujiie, master of fire. Himiko sees her injured and takes her to the Honky Tonk cafe. It is shown that Makubex was creating a program to download data from Lower Town into his computer system, to ensure peace in Lower Town and prevent any wars from happening. However, it is assumed that Masaki is responsible for kidnapping Makubex.

Moreover, all the data download has been erased, and the computer system is heavily damaged. Ginji realizes that Kaoru was responsible for attacking Sakura, as there is an insignia on her arm. Masaki visits Gen in the pharmacy, as he is aware that Gen was one of the architects of the Limitless Fortress.

Masaki hints that he has Makubex captive. Ren, being depressed for being an illusion, is sitting outside the pharmacy, wishing to see Kazuki again. Toshiki Uryuu, master of the force palm, offers her to come with him to see Kazuki. It is revealed that the insignia on Sakura's arm symbolizes that the fire from Kaoru will enter Sakura's body.

She has one day until the fire will penetrate her body. First of all I do find the story very intriguing. I mean if I did not I would not even waste my time writing about it, collecting the most I can from it, and I would not have that little pic of Tenpou Gensui right there I guess that has nothing to do with the Saiyuki being intersting thing since it's just a picture of a beautiful bishonen I know I said that I did not find it interesting, but I did not explain furthur on what I meant by that.

Well, I really dislike the 'monster of the week I find them dull and repatitive, but I adore the flashback scenes where it shows the tragic pasts of these men. I especially find the anime too be boring, maybe it will pickup in the future episodes, so much more to buy in the coming months adn the stuff I still have not gotten but for now I have a strong preference for the manga.

The Serpent and the Jackal by Amethyst Hunter reviews Bitten by each other's respective fangs, Ban and Akabane find themselves inexplicably drawn together over the course of an unusual relationship. Who get's to top who?

What happened after the last story? Don't just sit there reading this, scroll up and find out. M - English - Chapters: Centuries later, Inuyasha has been released into his brother's care. Soon Sesshomaru comes to understand, a sibling relationship is not what his Youkai has in mind. Ah, but how to woo a battered Hanyou? When the Uchiha goes off on 'business' leaving Deidara in the hands of the wolf demon tribe, what happens when the artist slips right through Kouga's fingers and falls into a certain half-demon's lap?

Completely separate from my other stories.

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Inuyasha stumbles across his brother's clothing, armor and dead vassals. And it only gets stranger from there on out when he discovers his brother's a toddler hiding beneath Ah Un's body. What would your perfect fairy tale be For Ban and Ginji, you're about to find out.

In my opinion, they just LOVE each other. T - English - Angst - Chapters: Abandoned by his friends Inuyasha is saved by the most unlikely person. Can Koga help the hanyou heal Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: For now pure adventure and concept.

The story is a thank you to Tibarn and other reviewers for their support of Dragon's Prey, around an idea that always tantalized me. Anyway uploading to ff is a pain at the moment. I dont own anything. Rated T for now, may change if readers are interested Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: What gives the strength to survive despite it all.

Warning Heavy Angst, Mpreg mystyle.