Gg blair and chuck relationship

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gg blair and chuck relationship

Join us as we cover some of the low points in the fan-favorite relationship between Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. 20 Moments Where Chuck And Blair Were Relationship Goals We've all been there, watching "Gossip Girl" and wondering if we could have our own Dan. 'Gossip Girl' co-creator Josh Schwartz recently revealed some surprising details behind Chuck and Blair's unplanned relationship—namely that.

We see Serena return home after being MIA for several months. We are introduced to newcomer Dan and his family.

Moreover, we learn that Chuck is a complete creep who tried to assault not one, but two characters. Not only did Chuck try to take advantage of Serena earlier in the episode but he also preyed on Jenny as well.

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The season 3 finale had the couple meeting at the top of the Empire State building if they wanted to be together. Having suffered yet another broken heart thanks to Blair, Chuck decided the best way to get over Blair was getting with someone else. Jenny, who he'd attacked in the pilot. Although she came looking for Nate, she decided to use Chuck to cure her loneliness instead.

Even better, Chuck later blamed Blair for his decision to sleep with Jenny. Whether it is said in rebellion to them being too strict or not supporting their interests, teens often lash out stating they hope never to grow up to be their parents. This familiar aspect of adolescent life became a repetitive theme in Gossip Girl, especially for Chuck and Blair.

gg blair and chuck relationship

This agenda changed, however when their life plans changed drastically. With Chuck setting his sights on being a success at business and Blair trying to find her purpose but noting her eye for fashionin the end, Chuck ran Bass Industries, and Blair started her own fashion line, just like their parents. They never learned to accept each other as they were and continued to focus on being a success before anything else.

In fact, this mindset became their focus in the final season of the show. Despite being engaged, they still wanted to hold off on their relationship until they are both successes in their own right. After failing to win back Blair from Prince Louis, Chuck found himself desperate to get back his Blair. Once found by Blair Waldorfshe, Chuck, and Nate discover that Serena and Georgina were present when their mutual friend, Pete Fairman, overdosed on cocaine and Serena feels it is her fault he died, since she told him to take the line that killed him.

Chuck suggests they find Georgina and exact revenge, also noting that he lost his virginity to her in the sixth grade and believes she's a psycho. Serena insists that they leave the situation alone, but he teams up with Blair to banish Georgina once and for all.

gg blair and chuck relationship

Their plan to have her parents intervene works and she is sent to a boot camp targeted towards troubled women Much 'I Do' About Nothing. She inadvertently reveals to Blair that Gabriel claimed to have met her on a night she was out drinking with Georgina. However, Blair is suspicious of this story, as she knows the restaurant he claims to have met her at was shut down that night.

She fills Chuck in on her suspicions and they work together to try and figure out why Gabriel is lying. When their plan to out him fails, they realize the only way to prove the truth is to find Georgina and get her side of the story.

Chuck tracks her down at a Bible camp in Connecticut and he and Blair depart to find her.

gg blair and chuck relationship

After they arrive, they spend the night in his limo while they wait for visiting hours to begin the next day. However, Blair realizes Chuck used this as a way to lure her away from Nate Archibaldand she steals his limo to go home when he goes into the camp.

Inside, Chuck is able to find Georgina and he asks her about the alleged night she was with Serena. She confirms that Gabriel was lying and agrees to travel back to Manhattan with Chuck. Meanwhile, Chuck is surprised at how Georgina's personality has changed into a nice, happy go lucky, innocent soul who loves Jesus and is willing to help Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. After Chuck and Georgina return to Manhattan, they learn that Gabriel was a con artist, who was working with Poppy to steal money from Serena's family and the residents of her apartment building.

They hatch a plan to get Poppy on tape talking money, which would result in evidence they could blackmail her with to return the money.

Blair–Chuck relationship

Serena defends Dan, saying he was just as hard on himself as he was on any of them. Get the latest scoop on Homeland straight from the show's executive producers Kristen Bell Finally Appears! In a brief but fun cameo as Yes, Bell appears as herself helping a friend with an audition for Gossip Girl the movie.

All short, but sweet! Oh, and Dorota is still working for Blair, natch. And yes, another lonely outsider seems to have picked up the Gossip Girl mantle. All is well on the Upper East Side, y'all! Were you happy to see which couples ended up together? Were you surprised that Dan turned out to be Gossip Girl?