George and lennies relationship ppt

george and lennies relationship ppt

Revising Of Mice and MenThe relationship between George and Lennie. Mitul Bhuva Explore the presentation of George and Lennie?s relationship in?Of mice and men?, by John Steinbeck. Introduction In John Steinbeck's "Of. How does George explain his relationship with Lennie to Slim? George explains that Presentation on theme: "OF MICE & MEN Chapter 3 1. What does Slim.

george and lennies relationship ppt

Slim is a kind person like Lennie but is much more confident and dominant and is described as "prince of the ranch" while Lennie is shy. He is the only one who really understands George and Lennie's relationship.

They both will show respect if it is given to them. Lennie and George's' relationship with Slim is important because it gets them more comfortable with everyone on the farm and.

Write about George and Lennie's relationship

Lennie's relationship with Curley Curley is intimidated by Lennie, and from that spawns hatred. It doesn't help that Lennie broke his hand. Curley is a very cruel person and tries to pick fights with tall people to show that he is tough.

george and lennies relationship ppt

Nobody on the farm likes Curley, and they only tolerate him because his father owns the ranch. Lennie doesn't have any anger towards Curley, but Curley misinterpreted the death of his wife as "revenge" and he wanted to kill Lennie, and wanted to do it in very creative and colourful ways. They call her this because she teases them with sexual innuendos, and she does nothing to contribute to the life of the farm.

She isn't even given a proper name, even though she is such a big part of the story, and is the only woman on the farm. Because of this she is ostracised. She finds Lennie entertaining to talk to because of his childish nature.

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Jus' like a big baby. Lennie's relationship with Crooks He only really meets Crooks once and after talking to each other for a bit, Crooks realises that Lennie is not very smart and uses him to talk about things he wouldn't usually talk about because he doesn't get company very often.

He pretends that he does not really enjoy Lennie's presence although he is actually very happy because he is the only person who does not treat him like a lower person because he is black. Crooks does not exactly like Lennie but he enjoys the presence of being able to talk to someone and the fact that hes very nice.

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The main contributions he makes to the book are of the execution Candy's dog, and at the end of the book when his firearm is stolen. Lennie is only related to Carlson through work, and they share nothing else in common. Lennie just wants to George to be proud of him and he constantly seeks his approval and direction. Explain how unusual their friendship was at that time.

george and lennies relationship ppt

Due to the economic crisis, jobs were scarce and there was high unemployment. Many men found work as migrant workers travellers from ranch to ranch.

They were often poorly treated and lonely. This led to a deep mistrust of one another. George and Lennie were not only unusual because of their personalities but also because migrant workers travelled alone.

Explain how they both need each other. If it often assumed that their relationship is one sided. Without George, Lennie would not survive. He would be locked up or in an asylum. The harsh society of the time meant that there was no provision for someone like Lennie, and therefore the burden falls on George.

george and lennies relationship ppt

A burden that he frequently complains about. However, George needs Lennie! Firstly to provided him friendship and company — otherwise he would end up as bitter and lonely as Crooks. Secondly so he can get work easily. Thirdly, without Lennie, George knows that he has no way of achieving the dream.

This is why George works so hard to keep Lennie out of trouble. Slim offered to intervene but George would not allow it — did he want to teach Curley a lesson?