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FFXIII: 1) Lightning & Co. gets turned into l'cie 2) Lightning gets pissed, Caius is beaten at the end of FFXIII-2 but Noel kills him and thus also Really YOU as the player are the bad guy, YOU are the one causing all these problems. . is still annoyed that there was no depth to Snow/Serah's relationship?. Noel Kreiss from Final Fantasy That's Serah's and Snow's relationship and thats private. How he treats Snow is another problem. Serah and Noel's relationship is described by Square Enix to be a sibling-like The only problem I had with Noel is that he's too good looking for a guy At the beginning of FFXIII-2 when Serah is telling Noel the story of how.

I think there is some validity to the idea that Noel might be gay. He really bonds with Serah a lot during their journey and not once does he treat her like a girl. He never makes a pass at her, and even in the more intimate scenes where they are physically close to one another, his body language speaks volumes that he is not "interested" in Serah in that sense. In fact, I feel his body language throughout the story speaks loudest of what I perceive to be his feelings for Caius.

Just pay close attention to Noel's body language when he is around Serah, Yeul, and Caius. He acts entirely different around Caius than he does around Yeul or Serah, he almost gets kind of nervous and loses his wits.

He seems very frustrated and obsessive toward him. He wants in no way whatsoever to harm Caius, even though he knows it is Caius who is disrupting and attempting to destroy the timeline, and despite the fact that Noel has killed several enemies to get to him, he refuses to injure Caius through the magic of a battle system where you can sword slap each other for half an hour and come out undamaged.

Every time Caius taunts him and tries to get Noel to kill him, he refuses, even when Caius harms those closest to Noel. There is something there that will not allow Noel to harm this man and I feel it must be the "love" he mentioned having for him. I can't think of any other reason why he wouldn't at this point grant Caius's wish for death. In fact, I think their final scene together really reveals a lot about them. I will also say that I think Caius has no romantic interest in Noel whatsoever.

He simply sees Noel as an intriguing and complex person who is able to stand up to him as a rival and offer a perspective of truth that Caius himself does not want to admit to himself. Caius respects Noel for this.

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I feel he cares for Noel rather deeply, though he refuses to show it, and despite the queeny costume, I don't think Caius shows any tendency toward being romantically interested in another dude. In fact, after all he's been through I think romantic feelings are the last thing on his agenda and the last thing he is likely to feel. In the discussions I saw elsewhere, people were saying that Noel and Caius's mutual obsession with Yeul is evidence that Noel is in fact in love with Yeul. She just lets Noel vent his silly immature rants about Snow and how he wants to save the future.

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Thats pretty much his vocabulary through out the entire game. He turned his back on you! Okay buddy, none of your business That's Serah's and Snow's relationship and thats private. I'm surprised Snow never punches him in the face as Lightning would have like she did Snow in the first game. You go to a jungle to fight a huge flan and what made me decide I hated Noel was his attitude.

Serah is finally seeing Snow, and Noel doesn't back away and give them some space. He acts like a total jerk off and instead of giving Serah and Snow some time. He's chewing Snow out and acting like a jealous lover.

He's practically up in everyone's face. The only 2 people he does respect is Hope and Lightning. If its not about some whiny remark about Snow and Serah's relationship. Its some pity remark about saving the future and Serah just naively follows a long.

Here's what I don't get. Not only is Noel obviously uneducated. It surprises me how Serah is so naive to believe every line he feeds her. Sure, Noel isn't a bad guy, but he's a very poor one. Reuniting with Dajh and deciding to fight no matter what the future holds, they go through a time gate and help Serah and Noel in their battle against Caius.

In Lightning Returns, Sazh has set up his home in the Wildlands. After Dajh's soul is lost and his body falls into a coma, Sazh becomes tormented by his seeming failure to protect his son. In the May edition of Official PlayStation MagazineYoshinori Kitase said that Sazh was intended to be an Eddie Murphy -style comic-relief character as well as a sympathetic character.

Due to the character having the largest amount of dialogue in the game, an experienced voice actor was chosen for him. He was also named "Baz". The two wake from crystal stasis within the Pulse Vestige containing the fal'Cie Anima thirteen days prior to the start of Final Fantasy XIII, which in turn kicks off the chain of events that lead to Cocoon's descent into chaos.

She eventually meets Snow and becomes his partner as part of Cid's plan to overthrow the Sanctum, later befriending Lightning. After rescuing Sazh and Vanille on board the Palamecia, she and Vanille reunite. Later, after being told about their focus and resolving to fulfill it even if she has to fight her friends, Fang has to fight and tame the Eidolon Bahamut.


On Gran Pulse, despite Vanille's protests, Fang reveals that she was responsible for scarring Cocoon's shell centuries earlier and bringing deadly recriminations on the population of Gran Pulse.

Fang was originally scripted to be a male character during the early stages of Final Fantasy XIII's development, but early in the writing stage, was rewritten as a female character. Lightning gives Noel the task of finding Serah and bringing to her to Valhalla. Traveling to Serah's time, Noel sets out with her to find Lightning, repair the timeline and change his future at any cost, even erasing himself from existence. Eventually, Noel gains respect for Snow. Though he and Serah finally defeat Caius in Valhalla, Noel is forced into a situation that ends with Caius's death.

By the events of Lightning Returns, forced to protect the people as the "Shadow Hunter" after the Order of Salvation take over Luxerion, Noel becomes obsessed with a fabricated prophecy that if he kills Bhunivelze's savior, he will bring about a new world where he can live in peace with Yeul.

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They briefly ally to rout an extremist sect of the Children of Etro, who have been killing women who resemble Lightning. Lightning provokes Noel into fully expressing his rage and engaging him in battle. After the battle, Noel destroys the oracle drive playing the fabricated prophecy, finally freeing himself from his guilt.

After Bhunivelze's defeat, Noel offers his life to give Yeul a chance to live in the new world, and Caius allows the final incarnation of Yeul to go with him. When designing his clothes, Naora took into account he was a hunter, while his swords were based on a Final Fantasy III illustration by Yoshitaka Amano.

Eventually, they meet up with the party before they enter Orphan's cradle. This plan involved using the l'Cie-forged beast Ragnarok to destroy Cocoon with the countless deaths from the crash to cause Etro's Gate to manifest in the physical world.

He even goes so far as to use anti-Pulse propaganda to instil fear in the citizens of Cocoon. The first attempt, the War of Transgression, fails through the intervention of Etro. When confronted by the team in Orphan's Cradle, Dysley plays on their emotions with illusions of Serah and Dajh before being mortally wounded by the party as Barthandelus.

His body is then assimilated into Orphan and he ceases to be an independent entity. Dysley is voiced by S. Both Orphan and the Cocoon fal'Cie had been planning its demise in order to reunite with their creator in the aftermath of the resulting mass genocide of every human in Cocoon.

It then proceeds to torture Fang and Vanille to invoke Ragnarok. However, Lightning and the others gain a new focus for a peaceful world and force Orphan into its true form before the party defeats it in the game's final battle.