Farkle and riley relationship with god

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farkle and riley relationship with god

God. Riley's best friend, Maya Hart, is more of an Agnostic, continually Another character, Farkle Minkus, values evidence-based thinking. syndrome, family relationships, abandonment, identity, and bullying. Here's what you need to know: Riley Matthews and her crush Lucas Friar believe in God. So if you love me please,for god's sake don't be responsable for my ON RILEY,FARKLE,LUCAS,MAYA as they hear word 'relationships'. Farkle agrees and asks if she doesn't think she should leave something for someone else. Lucas sides with Riley and argues that everyone gets heard by God.

The days she was still chasing Lucas Friar, the man Maya had twins with these days. The guy she loved dearly but could not imagine ending up with over Farkle. Your daughter is doing gymnastics on my bladder again. Once Farkle realized it was her, he shot out of bed immediately. Even being nine months pregnant, she couldn't not flush over at seeing her husband shirtless. He wasn't built at all, in fact he was the opposite of built. He was taller than she ever thought he'd get, towering just over 6'3.

He was pale white too, all except for a small red heart tattooed on the side of his rib cage with Riley's name in it.

Farkle and Riley

He called it his early midlife crisis, when he realized that he had never truly done anything crazy ever. One night he came home with it and Riley never knew she had such a thing for tattoos. Or maybe it was just his tattoo. Anyway, about nine months later she was about to pop with his baby. He gently pulled her up, ignoring the red in her face from her burst of 'hormones'.

He was used to it, but at the same time it was something he never wanted to be truly used to. She waddled to their bathroom in their master bedroom and he waited outside the door. She hated that he did that and could hear her peeing. Do you have to listen to me pee? Can't we just keep a little bit between us? Because he didn't feel like it was worth arguing, he walked over to their bed.

farkle and riley relationship with god

Their tv was still on the Discovery channel and was talking about new Pluto news and it engrossed him. He had to fill Riley in on it when she was done. She was taking longer than usual so he went to check on her.

She was standing, in just one of his t-shirts, staring down at the marble floor in their bathroom that was covered in a clear liquid. Her jaw was fully agape and it was the first time he could ever remember seeing her speechless. Riley had no time for it tonight, as much as she loved it. Oh my God, my water broke. I'm not ready to be a mother, I'm not. I can't do this. Tell me I can do this. Why didn't we get the apartment with the bay window?

We didn't think this through. I don't think we should do this. Farkle why did you get that tattoo? If you didn't get that tattoo then you wouldn't have got me pregnant. Her panic attack gave him a moment to collect himself.

We can have this baby. You're going to be amazing and have this baby with the birth plan we have all mapped out. We love our doctor and in just a couple of hours we'll get to meet our beautiful, sweet little princess" he promised her, wrapping his arms around her as best as he could. She slowly nodded and he knew he was getting to her.

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Riley wrapped her arms securely beneath her belly, as if she had to hold the baby in. He leaned down and kissed the small, salty tears off her cheeks, "And I love you". They grabbed their overnight bags and made their way as quickly as possible to their car downstairs.

farkle and riley relationship with god

Once they got to the car he started the Bluetooth and called Riley's parents, his parent's and Maya and Lucas to tell them she was coming. The hospital was ready for them too, waiting with a wheelchair at the entrance.

They took her clear to labor and delivery, Farkle stopping to fill out the paperwork as quickly as possible and meet his wife. She had dilated quickly and they had her start pushing within the hour. When the baby went breech and Riley had a spike in blood pressure, they forgot about the birth plan and took her into surgery for a C-Section.

It was happening so quickly, Farkle just followed and held her hand. He held her hand as they gave her a local anesthetic and he stood up near her head, on that side of the curtain.

There were monitors all over, and with him being on the research side of medicine, he didn't know too much about them. The surgeon spoke up. It was the first time anyone besides Riley had ever called him Dad, Riley had been trying to get him ready for fatherhood and now here he was.

He quickly realized they were talking to him. Instead of providing him with any type of answer, they quickly escorted him outside to the waiting room. There he saw all of their friends and family waiting anxiously for an update.

He sat in a loud silence, looking down at his hands as his world was crumbling. In what felt like hours but was probably just a few minutes later, a resident came out to update him. Tears fell out of his eyes faster than a monsoon. Lucas came to his side and Maya came to the other, rubbing his back and holding his hands tightly. In a manner which was nothing like the athiest and science-minded friend of theirs, they saw him drop to his knees and pray.

farkle and riley relationship with god

His prayer was mumbled from his shaking lips, while Cory and Topanga comforted each other on the other side of the room near Stuart and Jennifer. Later, in the bay window, Maya asks Riley whether she prays. Lucas sides with Riley and argues that everyone gets heard by God. Riley whines about people not believing in what she believes in, and Farkle rhetorically asks Cory to prove the existence of God. Cory asks Farkle whether he can see him right now; Farkle says yes, since the air is clear.

After using a prism to refract the light surrounding the air into a rainbow, Farkle learns that just because you cannot see something does not mean for sure that it may not be there.

Through the assignment, the kids learn that Jefferson thought religion should be a personal choice, and that Joan of Arc, whether she really heard the voice of God or not, believed in something so strongly that it inspired an entire nation. Lucas found it amusing that Farkle told Minkus that Maya and Riley were "chasing after him.

Farkle and Lucas were both called on to ask a question. Lucas and Farkle both asked Maya's mother, Katy Hartwhy she was wearing a waitress' outfit. They ran out of the art room together when Maya and Riley were having their paint fight. They both supported Maya at the art exhibit. Lucas tried and failed to stop Farkle from talking about the woman in Maya's painting. Lucas and the girls supported Farkle at his debate competition.

Lucas wanted to join the debate team. Farkle defended Lucas about not judging a book by its cover. Farkle called Lucas his friend and welcomed him to the debate team. Lucas went to the bakery to meet up with the gang. Farkle asked Lucas to do various things to see how Smackle would react. They left to prepare for the debate. Farkle allowed Lucas to finish their debate.

They lost the debate to Smackle. They sat next to each other at the bakery. Smackle used Lucas to make Farkle jealous. They both found Mr. They were at the bakery with the girls. Farkle made fun of Lucas' great-grandfather's name, Merlin. Lucas stated that Farkle makes no sense to him whatsoever. They found Riley's statement about how her friends make her better adorable. Farkle bopped his head to Lucas' great-grandfather's song.

They found it cool that Riley's, Maya's and their great-grandparents met. They were early to history class with Riley and Maya. Lucas and Farkle disagree on how businesses should run. Lucas fires Riley for Farkle. Lucas calls Farkle out for rattling Maya while she's pitching, saying he's an "evil genius mastermind. Lucas carries Farkle on his shoulders. Farkle and Lucas go trick-or-treating together. Farkle and Lucas show up at Maya's house on their way home from trick-or-treating. Farkle asks Lucas if he want to know how to attract older women.

Lucas puts Farkle on his shoulders when they walk in the hallway after the game Lucas and Farkle played with their food during lunch.