Ender and peter relationship

What is the relationship between ender and peter wiggin

ender and peter relationship

年8月7日 Book and movie. First of all, I have to bring up the old paradox which is the difference between the book and the movie. I knew there would be. Peter would sometimes force Ender to play Buggers and Astronauts, a game usually . He made Bean, with whom he still had a tenuous relationship, Strategos. However, towards the end of the book, Valentine left with Ender to travel to a bugger colony to escape Peter. This makes her seem static, because she, in the.

ender and peter relationship

Instead, they kept a distance among each other willingly or unwillingly while they occasionally think of each other. Ender had always hated Peter and they had no communication after he was sent out. I feel that his resentment with Peter had become a link which connected them closer. He tried to fight against the idea that he was a killer like Peter and ended up becoming the speaker for his dying brother.

Ender might or might not understand what Peter was really like or whether he was like Peter. After the final war, he cared less and could "accept" Peter. To some extent, it is called being mature as one finally learns that he cannot and does not have to understand or agree with everything in the world, and what he can do is to let it go. Let it be and let it pass. I believe this is the reason that Ender finally became the speaker for Peter when Peter was dying.

With Valentine, Ender had more complicated feelings. He used to seek comfort from her when he was very little and still thought of her when he was isolated at first. But when he received the letter which Valentine was asked to write in order to comfort him, he disliked her as if she was a tool used by others while he nevertheless felt being loved and touched by her.

ender and peter relationship

It was a kind of feeling that they were bond to each other since he was born but they could not admit their love, or at least Ender could't. He was too proud to admit it or to let it be possessed by Peter. In the end he didn't want to lose it as he went to build the colony with Valentine and explored the worlds with her.

ender and peter relationship

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Peter Wiggin

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ender and peter relationship

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ender and peter relationship

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