Density and refractive index relationship quiz

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Abstract. This paper focuses on two important yet poorly addressed aspects of ambient aerosols: relationship of refractive index to mass density (index–density . What is the relationship (a mathematical one) between the density and the refractive index of a medium?. Refractive index, also called index of refraction, measure of the bending of a ray of light when passing from one medium into another. If i is the angle of incidence .

Like density, refractive index is an intensive property and will serve to characterize a substance.

Refractive index

Refractive index of glass varies with small changes in composition or by how it is manufactured. At this point, known as the match point, the Becke line disappears and minimum contrast between liquid and particle is observed: The Becke line is a bright halo near the boarder of a particle that is immersed in a liquid of a different refractive index. The FBI has identified a relationship between their refractive indices and densities for glass specimens that is better at classification.

Examiners can fit together two or more pieces of glass that were broken from the same object. Because glass is amorphous, no two glass objects will break the same way. This creates a shower of minute glass particles and a transfer of evidence. Glass fragment comparison depends finding and measuring properties that will associate one glass fragment with another while eliminating other sources.

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If evidence is to be examined for glass fragments, it should be taken whole and each item individually wrapped in paper and boxed. If even the remotest possibility exists that glass fragments may be pieced together, every effort must be made to collect all glass fragments.

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Submit glass evidence along with a representative sample of each type of glass from the crime scene. Place samples on a white surface using natural light.

density and refractive index relationship quiz

Visual color analysis is very subjective. Thursday, September 15 in class Problem 1: Thursday, September 8 in class Problem 1: Derive the values of beta and omega-prime for a damped harmonic oscillator as discussed in class in terms of the physical parameters k the spring constant and b the damping constant.

Problems 2 - 4: The demonstrations will be listed below as they are presented. Mass on a spring with damped harmonic motion measured using a sonar ranger.

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The envelope of the decay curve can be used to extract information about the damping coefficient. Think about how that can be quantified. Eddy Current Pendulum - wood vs copper pendulum swinging between the poles of a strong magnet.

The damping of the copper pendulum is due to induced current and generation of magnetic field.

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Think about energy storage and applications. Coupled Harmonic Oscillators - two frequencies corresponding to in phase and out-of-phase oscillation, and display of displacement vs time and Fourier transform spectrum amplitude spectrum Imran Shamim September Wave driven ratchet to lift a mass Tuning bars with a small mass attached to one to change the frequency slightly September Beaker breaker - a sound wave is tuned in frequency to match the resonance frequency of a beaker.

When the volume wave intensity of the sound is increased, the beaker shatters. Longitudinal wave illustration on a slinky September Whistling ball twirled overhead creates audible shifts in frequency.

density and refractive index relationship quiz

Display of frequency spectrum vs. Siwei Kwok October Resonance Tube - oscillator and plunger. A speaker is set up at one end of a plastic tube, and a movable plunger sets a solid reflecting wall at the other end of the tube. As the plunger is moved back and forth, the volume of the sound increases and decreases.

October 11 and Shive Machine - a parallel series of sticks mounted on a torsional wire illustrate wave motion.

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