Death and deadpool relationship

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death and deadpool relationship

Deadpool to Steal Thanos' Girlfriend – Lady Death + 8 More HOTTEST Facts Spider-Man isn't sure about this relationship, but Deadpool is convinced he'll. Deadpool (Marvel character) What's the relationship between fate and death? What is the relationship between Light's double standards and L's death in. Relationship Edit. Death has seemed to take a fascination with the mercenary known as Deadpool, appearing to him on several occasions in the context of a.

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Here, then, are 15 women that Deadpool has had sex with in the comics over the years. The reason he gained his powers in the first place is because he was trying to do whatever he could to avoid death after he was diagnosed with a terminal case of cancer.

However, after being experimented on and tortured for long enough, he yearned for death -- it was too late, though, as his new healing powers prevented him from dying.

As a result, Death has become interested in him as well, and they have pursued a relationship on occasions, which infuriates Thanos, who is famously obsessed with Mistress Death and it galls him to no end that she appears to prefer the company of Deadpool to him.

For a time, Thanos made sure that Deadpool could never die, just to keep him from Mistress Death! In the second Deadpool miniseries, he teamed up with Siryn and her father, Banshee an old friend of Deadpool's to fight against Banshee's cousin, Black Tom Cassidy and Cassidy's partner in crime, the Juggernaut.

During the series, he grew to love her and thus was distraught when she saw him without his mask this was the first time we learned that he was gross under his mask. They became close friends, but their relationship never became a physical one.

That changed, though, after Siryn thought she was having a baby with her fellow mutant, Jamie Madrox, but the baby was fathered by one of Madrox's duplicates, so when Madrox touched the baby, he absorbed it.

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A despondent Siryn ended up sleeping with Deadpool just to distract herself from her pain. In Deadpool Team-Up as a joke, the series bean with Deadpool and worked backwardsDeadpool teamed up with Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch, two different Ghost Riders, as they tried to save a town of circus "freaks" who had hired Deadpool to kill their tyrannical boss.

As it turned out, the freaks were part of a whole demon situation and thus Deadpool and the Ghost Rider brothers had to do whatever they could to save the townspeople. In the end, after they succeeded and Deadpool killed their boss after it turned out that he was a jerk even when he wasn't demon-possessedDeadpool celebrated the victory by taking Beatrice the Bearded lady home for some hairy loving. Vanessa is also a major love interest of Deadpool's in the comics, as well, only in the comic books she is a shapeshifter who goes by the name Copycat.

Death (Marvel Comics)

When we first see Deadpool and Copycat interact during a point where she had infiltrated X-Force as Dominohe is trying to kill her, which he did for the next few years she is often protected by Garrison Kane, her next boyfriend. Over the years, though, their relationship improved and they even began to date, but Copycat proved too crazy for Deadpool. When he was hired by a revamped Weapon X, however, he broke from the group when he learned they wanted Copycat dead this time, Kane was one of the people trying to kill her!

Sadly, Wade couldn't save her from her fate.

death and deadpool relationship

One of them was hired to free her and the other one was hired to kill her. Death and deadpool tended to flirt a lot as she use to see him a lot after near death experiences. So they grew feeling for each other.

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This is why at one point deadpool wanted to die so he could be with death This plan nearly worked out but then deadpool had to activate his healing powers through a need for vengeance. After this he could no longer see or hear death up setting their plans for them to be together.

So death pronounced that they shall not kiss intill deadpool dies. This is wear it gets interesting as death from are point of view was very cruel to thanos and caused him to become what he is.

This effected the whole universe all because of his love for death. Thanos was born on the saturn moon of titan and is the child of EternalsMentor and Sui-San. At birth his mother tried to kill him believing he would bring great danger to the universe called it ,but thanos was a pacifist as a kid and would only play with his brother. But as a kid he is visited by a unknown lady death who thanos falls in love with.

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She asks him to kill the children who bully him and but he refuses. When they are playing in a cave it caves in and they are eaten by lizards.

death and deadpool relationship

Thanos gets the blame for this for some reasons. He goes back and kills the lizards. Skip forward to his adult hood Thanos is now a man and obsessed with death and nihilism. He has fathered several family across the galaxy.