David and god relationship

10 Reasons David is Called “A Man After God’s Own Heart” - Ron Edmondson

david and god relationship

If we want a relationship with God like David, to be blessed by God like David, then we must ask for and seek the grace of God that was given to. Acts says, “After removing Saul, he made David their king. He testified concerning him: 'I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will. As we examine some of David's relationships, we see glimpses into God's heart and important truths which can be applied to our own lives.

He alone is left to be king over all of Israel. He has established Jerusalem as his capital city, formed alliances with many nations and has now defeated his archenemy the Philistines. David has become greater and greater because God was with him. That is the very topic of 2 Samuel chapters 6 and 7. David moved the ark into the city of Jerusalem 6: All of these are secondary issues and not the primary focus in this text.

The primary focus has to do with King David and his relationship to God. The Ark of the Covenant represented the very throne of God v. Indeed all the holy objects of the tabernacle were to be handled very carefully. They were not to be touched.

david and god relationship

Death was the consequence. The Philistines had captured the ark during the days of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas. Every place among the Philistines where the ark was kept there were difficulties.

It had remained in the house of Abinadab for 20 years. There was some opposition to the way that David humbled himself before the Lord 6: Her protest is registered in v.

And that he had done this before the maids seemed particularly insulting to Michal. There is a powerful lesson to us in this episode. We should learn to show honor to those who humble themselves before the Lord. Understanding why David was a man after God's own heart needs to begin with a basic contrast. The contrast is between the man, Saul, who was Israel's first king and the man, David, who was Israel's second king. The two men were unrelated and stood in significant contrast.

So much of David's life has been studied in "happenings" and "incidents" rather than in a continuum. Perhaps the best way to have an introduction to David's life is to consider a comparison between David and Saul.

david and god relationship

God chose both men for the same role. Saul failed miserably and David succeeded admirably.

David, the Man After God's Heart - lesson 1

Yet, both men made horrible mistakes. The reasons for one's failure and the other's success is best seen in a comparison of the men. Perhaps it is needful to consider the expression "after God's own heart" 1 Samuel The expression contrasts the person who is dedicated to his own will with the person who surrenders his will to God's will.

Left to myself, I make poor choices. In my life, there is never a question about Who is in charge of my life. Even if I make a horrible, embarrassing choice, I know I want God in control of my life. Whatever is necessary for me to reestablish relationship with God, it must occur--and quickly! The focus of this series of lessons will be on the fact that David belonged to God internally because he genuinely possessed the heart of a servant.

david and god relationship

It is in this contrast that Saul and David stand as significantly different men. David had to have relationship with God.

Relationships After God's Own Heart

He was internally motivated. Saul wanted the benefits of association with God. He continually reflected his insecurity in his impetuous, self-serving acts.

There is a powerful lesson in that contrast for people of today. Too many seek benefits from God by trying to maintain association with God.

Why Did God Love/Bless King David So Much?

What God seeks are those people who want relationship with Him because they belong to Him. God seeks people who serve Him by surrendering self rather than people who seek to associate with Him for self-centered reasons. In every human interaction, there is an enormous difference between commitment to a relationship and commitment to an association. The most significant of human interactions always are devoted to a pursuit of and a maintenance of relationship.

People committed to God always seek relationship not mere association.

david and god relationship

The manner in which relationship and association react to the realities of personal insecurity are radically different. Do not blame God for Saul's failure. Saul was hand-picked by God to be the first King of Israel. God did not pick him to fail. God picked him because he had the potential to succeed. God would have made Saul's descendants a continuing dynasty over Israel, just as He later did David, had Saul chosen to depend on God rather than act out of his insecurity 1 Samuel Saul had an impressive physical appearance--the physique of a leader 1 Samuel 9: Samuel was told by God the day before that the following day he would meet the person God selected to be Israel's king 1 Samuel 9: Samuel confirmed to Saul the role he was to serve as King of Israel and anointed him to become king with the words, "Has not the Lord anointed you a ruler over His inheritance?

This does not seek to deny God is Sovereign and can do as He chooses and wills. However, in Saul's case, it is striking from Saul's "passing the blame to others" that Saul made personal choices with horrible consequences.

Saul seemed determined to act on his own insecurities rather than in the confidence of God's assurances and incredible power. God was extremely patient with Saul. Is your impression of Saul this: God had Saul appointed king; Saul quickly disappointed God; and God quickly yanked Saul from his role of leadership.

If that is your impression, you need to reconsider it. Saul was in very difficult circumstances when he became king. To the east, the Ammonites were a strong, formidable enemy who could make Israelites miserable see 1 Samuel To the west was the conquering Philistine force that defeated and subjugated Israel from the days of I Samuel 4. There were no blacksmiths among the Israelites, therefore the Israelites had no weapons see 1 Samuel God always has been a God of incredible patience.

Frequently when He acted with wrath in the Old Testament, He did so because abusive humans gave Him no choice.

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He was a God Who, even at the eleventh hour, would respond to repentance. Our compassionate God does not withdraw from us easily or quickly.

Saul rebelled repeatedly before God withdrew from him. Opportunities for rebellion also frequently are opportunities for displaying incredible trust in and exultation of God.

david and god relationship

A huge Philistine military force was assembling at Michmash 1 Samuel The people of Israel are terrified 1 Samuel Saul's relatively insignificant army was terrified 1 Samuel