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Ex-Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles in bitter feud with Comedy Dave - Daily Record

He worked alongside Chris Moyles at BBC Radio 1, having originally been a also known as "Comedy Dave" from BBC Radio 1's The Chris Moyles Show more. .. of the season Goals ^ Currently listed players s Debut year Player On the last day of the coach trip the remaining couples vote for the couple. Chris Moyles and Dave Vitty are not talking to one another after the DJ struck up a The couple, who had got together five years before, have a. David Lloyd Vitty is a radio presenter working in the UK. He worked the "bed" ( underlying music) for the feature but for January Chris Moyles unveiled a new purpose-written jingle and music.

- А теперь, - продолжал он, перейдя на шепот, - чем я могу вам помочь.

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  • Ex-Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles in bitter feud with Comedy Dave
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Беккер тоже понизил голос: - Мне нужно поговорить с одной из сопровождающих, которая, по-видимому, приглашена сегодня к вам на обед.

Ее зовут Росио. Консьерж шумно выдохнул, словно сбросив с плеч тяжесть.

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