Captain kirk and mr spock relationship

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captain kirk and mr spock relationship

You don't have to be a Star Trek fan to understand how these pop culture icons show up in the work wagtailfarm.infon Kirk is the risk taker, the rule breaker, the. In , a 'Star Trek' novel called 'Killing Time' caused a big stir. a romantic connection underlying the relationship between Kirk and Spock. However, nothing ever came out of the relationship. Spock later accompanied Captain Kirk, Decker, and Dr. McCoy to the heart of V'ger, guided by the Ilia.

Which is both the crowning achievement and the waffling difficulty of the whole affair but more on that in a minute.

Mr Spock, Captain Kirk and a bitter 40-year battle

The first thing to know is that Roddenberry was inspired by Alexander the Great and Hephaestion when he imagined the relationship between Kirk and Spock—he discusses it in an interview that can be found in the William Shatner biography Shatner: Star Trek as a show was—is—famous for how progressive it was at the time, more often than not hidden under layers of allegory to distract the censors: I bring up that little comment to discuss a far more famous one, perhaps the most famous in regard to our besotted officers.

The only difference being, the Greek ideal—we never suggested in the series—physical love between the two. This book was published inwhen there was still time a-plenty for unholy hell to come down on his head were he to suggest a physical relationship between Kirk and Spock. I speak, naturally, of the largely reviled Star Trek: A Space Odyssey, there is one thing it does very well: Of course, the actual details of why Spock has chosen to purge himself of all emotion are on the vague side in script and novelization, but whatever it was seems to have happened quite suddenly and left an enormous, painful emotional rift between himself and Kirk.

He has a brilliant mind, the wisdom of a patriarch and is oh, so cool. With one raised eyebrow, he suggests he is above game-playing and role-playing—which are just hangovers from Earth's Victorian Age —that he and he alone understand the deepest needs and longings of the Earth female.

NASA made Spock an informal mascot.

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The actor concluded from the warm and intense reception he received that astronauts like John Glenn and aerospace industry engineers, secretaries, and shareholders alike all regarded Star Trek, and especially the character of Spock, as a "dramatization of the future of their space program".

Spock after the discoverer James B. Gibson's cat which had been named Mr. Spock, who was likewise "imperturbable, logical, intelligent, and had pointed ears". Nimoy has said that many of them, on meeting him, were eager to show him their work and discuss it with him as if he were a scientific peer, as opposed to an actor, photographer, and poet.

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His stock response in these situations was "it certainly looks like you're headed in the right direction". Although Paramount executives were concerned that Spock's death would set fans against the movie, the audience actually applauded after Spock's death scene.

I hate to be given to superlatives but it absolutely reached everything we wanted it to. I couldn't ask for anything better," said co-producer Robert Sallin of the advance audience's reaction. Film critic Roger Ebert lauded Spock's death: And when he makes his decision, the movie rises to one of its best scenes, because the Star Trek stories have always been best when they centered on their characters.

Rock guitarist Paul Gilbert wrote the song "Mr.

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Spock" on his Space Ship One album. Swedish synthpop band S.

captain kirk and mr spock relationship

K makes music heavily influenced by the Star Trek universe. Even Nimoy got in on the act; assuming the Spock character, Nimoy recorded a number of novelty songs, the first being " Highly Illogical ", in which Spock pointed out the foibles of human thought, such as relationships, automobiles, and greed. The second song, "A Visit to a Sad Planet", was darker in tone and told the story of Spock visiting Earth in the future and discovering it had been ruined by war, violence, and environmental irresponsibility.

In that episode, several members of the Enterprise travel to a parallel universe inhabited by evil versions of themselves. The parallel universe version of Spock is distinguished physically by his goatee. Sincethe online fan production Star Trek: Phase II has continued the further voyages of the cancelled initial series. Many actors have and can play the roles, each offering a different interpretation of said character. Ostensibly held to honour a star, it is also an opportunity for every failing and frailty to be mercilessly lampooned.

Naturally, Shatner was paid handsomely for this dubious privilege.

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But you made sure everyone who worked with you was treated poorly and paid less. And they got fewer lines. I tell them, imagine being tied to a chair with a man in uniform behind you heaping abuse and humiliation upon you.

But in the bad way. Slowly, the other cast members no longer wanted to take a back seat. Their perception of what the reality was had changed.

captain kirk and mr spock relationship

And I enjoyed the celebrity and the creativity that was involved in Star Trek.