Aang and katara age difference in relationship

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aang and katara age difference in relationship

I need to bring up a discussion concerning age differences, and this problem of the "big age difference", knowing Katara is 15 and Aang is 3 days ago Since most of Aang and Katara's relationship happened off screen, there The Avatar fandom has an entire subset obsessed with the different fan couples. .. Because of his young age and his inexperience, Aang struggled. Katara and Aang try to talk about their relationship, but once again .. But those aspects, especially the age gap are kinda undermentioned in.

I would argue that Avatar: For every moment of potential romantic interest from Katara, we were given a moment of confusion, or hesitance, or complete disinterest, even.

Kataang Didn’t Work (and that’s okay)

In fact, in the last season, Katara was shown to be uncomfortable each time Aang kisses her, and even went as far as to tell him to back off with the romantic stuff in the episode before the finale, because she was confused about how she felt. Yet in the end, she just trots out and blushes at Aang, then happily makes out with him when he goes for it, so I guess the confusion was because she ate a bad burrito.

Except she wanted to be with him in that last scene, so I guess that meant she had been interested. The post-canon comics only furthered the lack of exploration of her feelings in this relationship.

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In fact, her position as his girlfriend informed her character actions first and foremost. Or rather, not having those emotional needs ever articulated or explored by the media in which she appears. The Promise was one of the worst offenders with this regard, since Katara got a mini-arc where she had to learn to be okay with Aang showing off for a gaggle of girls who were obviously flirting with him.

But hey, at least Katara got her time to shine in North and South, right? Then, sadly, The Legend of Korra furthered this discomfort as well. Jana lays it out once again: Katara only ever gets carted out when Korra needs high-class healing, and even there Katara kinda fails both times. Did the writers just forget she had the ability? But it is there, and quite unfortunate, which matters. Especially with her whole willingness to go to extremes at times, and her stubbornness, and the darker aspects of her personality… Though who needs that, when we can have these fist-pumping character moments: Right, because Katara had no sympathy for Azula in the finale or anything.

See, he started out the show having a crush on her.

Kataang relationship in adolescence/Adulthood

Again, normal and something you learn as you grow up. Trying to keep everyone together. This difference in behavior is something that would be really fitting for a year-old boy to learn and come to understand. But… Again, we all know the ending. Katara comes out, blushes prettily at him, says no words, and they make out. How is this good for him?

How is this good for anyone? God, at least show his growth.

aang and katara age difference in relationship

Instead, what we get is this: What even IS character development? He got what he wanted! Because when they sat down to hammer out the Kataang offspring, boy did they do a number. You see, Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin each have their fair share of inadequacy issues, courtesy of their respective relationships to their father. When he served most of his life as a commander for the United Forces.

She even moved herself to the South Pole to keep her mom company once Aang had passed away. You must remember, before the fog infects you. I have no family. And Tenzin, oh gods, poor Tenzin. He has the entire burden of the Air Nation on him as the only airbender of the family, and takes his duty so seriously that he stresses himself to the point where he is unable to form a true spiritual connection, clearly a result of his crippling anxiety over the fear of not measuring up.

Remember who you are Tenzin. Katara trained her second child and only daughter, Kyain waterbendingwho became a master healer in her own right, [1] and she was supportive of Kya when her daughter revealed her sexual orientation to her.

Katara has a loving relationship with her grandchildren JinoraIkkiMeeloand Rohanwho refer to her as Gran-Gran. All of the children, sans an unborn Rohan, were happy and excited to visit their grandmother at the South Poleespecially Jinora, who stated that she had been reading all about Katara's old adventures. Katara was happy to see them too, smiling enthusiastically when they were talking to her.

After the airbender woke up, she greeted her grandmother with a smile and told her how much she had missed her. I mean, I know we had Gran-Gran and she loved us, but we were just so lost without you Hakoda was Katara and Sokka 's father and a prominent figure in his daughter's life. His departure from the Southern Water Tribe to fight in the Hundred Year War had a profound impact on Katara, who felt abandoned and betrayed by him, in spite of the fact that she knew his reasons for departing.

Hakoda consoled his daughter by telling her that his departure had a heavy emotional toll on him as well.

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After becoming wounded during battle, Katara healed her father and decided to assist him in following the troops to the Royal Palace while the other members continued their search for Ozai. But you've brought it back to life, my little waterbender. Kanna was Katara and Sokka's grandmother. With their mother deceased and their father off fighting in the War, Kanna was the only other relative they had at the time and thus became their caretaker.

aang and katara age difference in relationship

Katara and Sokka had a habit of calling her "Gran Gran". It was hinted that despite their strong relationship, being left under Kanna's care did not compensate for her father's departure from the tribe to fight in the war.